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absent friends cover art

This week’s review comes from a friend who was casually promoting their friend’s music on twitter. I know they have a fabulous taste in music so I took a listen and downloaded the album. I have to say if you’re looking for some dream pop with some cosmic chilled vibes, then look no further. This album is something that I wasn’t intending on reviewing at first because it took me a while to get into it but I feel that it’s too good to skip over. This album and band is called Absent Friends and I really like them and I’m glad that I stumbled upon them. It was released on Bandcamp on 16th April and is perfect for any cosmic hazy dreamy music fan. Absent Friends also write and produce all of the music they have out, which I think is also pretty amazing.

The first track on this album I fell in love with was track 5, Perversion. It’s the sort of song that has many unexpected twists and turns in it. Its goes from a steady drum beat with, what sounds like, bongos and a super casually played guitar. I really love the way this guitar sounds and is played. It’s one of my favourite types as it sounds so simple yet has a hidden musical talent behind it. It then goes onto to that combination being really intense and over powering, but in a really clever musical way. This tension gets super-duper intense and you think it’s going to all merge into one amazing finish. BUT there is a twist as all of this tension just suddenly stops in such a poetic and beautiful manner. It literally goes back to basics and I absolutely love it. I also really love the way the more intense electric guitar is played in this song as it adds a subtle passion to the song. This song is neatly wrapped up in a white noise sounding blur which gives it a vinyl feel to it even though its digital. This makes it rawer and ‘homemade’ sounding. I really do love this song and its anti-climaxes.

The next song that stood out for me is track 11, a lazy stream of dreams. This song has a more modern beat and feel to it yet with an oriental twist. If I were to show you this song on a bit of paper, how it was played, you wouldn’t want to listen to it because it wouldn’t work. But in practice it is so beautiful and so simple sounding. It’s such a powerful song in the way its presented at the start and then it suddenly breaks down to a heavy beat. This transition is seamless and gives the whole song a modern feeling edge. This beat is distorted throughout the song all the way to the end. This beat gives it a completely different tone to what it had at the start. The piano playing is unbelievably pretty and for me wraps the whole song up in a simplistic bow. But as amazing this song is the ending always makes me think. The vocals repeat the word dream in a distorted and old recording way. It’s so eerie but I wouldn’t have the song end in any other way. It’s so cleverly put together and a beautiful merge of sounds from all genres.

Overall this album has a combination of chilled out cosmic sounds all the way to techno eerie spoken songs. This album is perfect for things like reading or revising really important exams to, like I have been using it for. I would say this album is perfect for any Orchid Mantis fan as some of the songs, like a lazy stream of dreams, are quite similar but in their own original way. Absent Friends record and write all the songs themselves. To me, that is incredible. To be able to produce music to this quality and consistently is unbelievable. I honestly did struggle to pick just one song as I had to whittle it down from 5 songs to just two and that was really difficult because I do think they are all amazing. SO go take a listen below as the more is known about these guys the better in my eyes.

Buy the album here: http://absent-friends.bandcamp.com/album/absent-friends


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