James Paterson – Long Story Cut Short

Hello Stranger,

Long Story Cut Short - EP cover art

Now as its coursework season this review may be a little less fabulous than usual as I’m both feeling under the weather and feeling emotionally drained. But as they say the show must go on! This week’s review is of a band that I had not previously heard of before last Friday. I went to a small gig in Bath at the Moles club with two beautiful friends of mine. We went to see Bare Knuckle Parade which where absolutely incredible and knew how to work with the crowd. I have to say that it was one of the best gigs I’ve been too so far in my small life. It was that good! Supporting Bare Knuckle parade where Armchair Committee and James Paterson. I have to say I loved Armchair Committee but the style of singing wasn’t to my personal musical taste. Whereas James Paterson where an instant hit in my books. So much so me and one of my beautiful friends went and bought their CD and we met and talked to the band for a bit. They signed our CD’s and I instantly knew that it was perfect for a review!

Slight side note. I would have done a review of Bare Knuckle Parade at Moles BUT I forgot my notebook to write notes so I wasn’t able to write down the set list. I also forgot to take any photos of any of the bands performing as I was enjoying myself too much. I got a bit lost in the music.

The first song that I really loved on this album was track 1 which is Read Between The Lines. I remember this being played at the gig but I’m not sure when it was. But what I do remember is it that everyone in the crowd got that little bit closer and the song made everyone feel more together as one. It was very well played live, but all of the songs they did live I prefer live. When they started they made an instant connection with the audience, as soon as the first cords where being played. It was played so well. Every instrument in this song seems to have its own key point and that for me, makes this song seamless and flow into one another. Even though this song is quite a slow song it doesn’t really feel like it, as the way it’s played adds a sort of flare to it. This adds a vibrancy to Read Between The Lines and adds to the emotion they are trying to get across in the lyrics. This is such a sweet song that is played and performed, both on the CD and live, with effortless passion and heartfeltness.

This next song is a song that, for me, will remain very very dear to me for a significant amount of time, I would say. This is because James himself said ‘We’re now going to end with a slow song, so grab someone you love’. So me and my dear friend grabbed each other, and seemed to be the only ones in the crowd doing so. James then said ‘This one goes to you guys’ pointing at me and my beautiful friend. So it’s a special song for me and also an amazing song! Its track 2 on this EP and titled Most Of All. It’s definitely a song that you need to grab the ones you love and sway to live. There is something really powerful about this song as it starts out with the rawness of the acoustic guitar and gets really intense and then goes back to the simplicity of one man and his guitar. It’s like a roller coaster to start with then more and more instruments are layered on top of one another. Adding more and more power to the already emotional lyrics. It’s a truly magical song and one that was made that little bit extra special by the amazing James Paterson and his band.

Overall I would say this is EP is a mere sample of what these guys can do. All of the songs on this album are even more breath taking live and they add a little crowd interaction into it to. This adds to the whole experience of being at a small gig as everyone feels more together. I have to say that even though I have literally only been listening to these guys for a week, I can safely say that they have definitely caught my attention and I will be looking out for some new tunes from these soon I hope. I think it’s the way James himself sings. His tone of voice and his slight accent makes all the songs they sing their own. Even if they are covers. This EP is definitely one to get as its not long and is amazing to just sit back and listen to with the ones you love.

Buy the album here: https://jamespaterson.bandcamp.com/


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