Bad Sounds – Singles

Hello Stranger,

I have recently started using Soundcloud more as you may know or maybe not. This is how I came across Bad Sounds! I was listening to Rat Boy via Soundcloud and once the playlist had ended the app then played a related song by Bad Sounds. I tend not to listen to the related songs but on this occasion I wasn’t able to change the song quickly so I just thought ‘listen to it’. The sounds coming out of my headphones where no bad ones. Bad Sounds are a small band from Bath who have only a couple of singles out at the moment. I’m only picking my favourites from these singles but I do have to say they are all super cool tunes and you should take a listen at the bottom of this review. Its time:

The first song that I listened to was I Feel and it’s what sold this band to me. It such an upbeat and unexpected song. It starts out all electric keyboard based with silky smooth vocals over the top and then a beat jumps in out of nowhere and takes the whole song for a ride. It’s so well put together and mixed. I love the way this song is sung, his voice is just so dreamy and in an odd way satisfying to listen to. It’s the way it goes from one type of singing to the next throughout these singles that gets me. It’s incredible. It’s a song that can make you instantly feel good about life and how its turning out. It just has that feel good factor to it which makes it one of those go to road trip songs. Imagine driving along to this song going fabulous places with beautiful people along country roads. It just sounds so good! It’s such a creative sounding song as well as it has quirky little keys of different instruments in it that you would think wouldn’t work but really does. It adds to the whole music is what you make of it vibe I get from this song.

One other single that really stood out for me is Banger. This is a steady beat song with high vocals and instrument combinations that make you want to get up and dance/shuffle your feet to the beat. Banger has an almost instant likeability to it, as on the first listen I loved it. It is a really original song with a slight real oriental twist to it. It reminds me of dream pop even though I realise it is far from it in many respects. It has a very solid guitar and drums combination which I think drives the whole song on its way. It gives it a more modern feel to it, as I feel without intense drums and guitar in this song it would definitely be more dream pop. This song really shows off Bad Sounds’s capabilities when it comes to making sweet sweet tunes. Banger is such a smooth song and it definitely lives up to its title. It is a really exciting and fresh song for the ears to listen to. It definitely a song I would recommend to any Orchid Mantis or Rain Maze fans.

All of these singles that I listened to are amazing and I did really struggle to pick out just two to review. I honestly cannot wait for an album or EP from these guys as I think it would have nothing but creative and original sounds on it. They are such an upbeat and guitar/drum heavy band in a way which makes them super original and inventive. All their tunes so far are super upbeat and are really good songs to dance round your room in some odd jumping and foot tapping way. Everyone needs to do that to Bad Sounds songs at some point. I would urge you to listen to all the singles below because they are all perfect songs. Trust me its only good sounds.

Buy the singles here:…gle/id1043660878


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