The Curious Incident – Penny Lonesome EP

Hello Stranger,

A few weeks back I received a lovely message via Soundcloud about a band that I was told I would be interested in listening to. The name of this band within this lovely message is The Curious Incident. Now this is a purely impressive name for a band, partly down to the fact that it’s so long… ish. So I took a listen as soon as I picked up the message and loved it. They were described as, in the lovely message, ‘pop/rock with a Caribbean Twist’. Now as a rather, not so hidden, fan of Bob Marley and the Whalers and various other bands like Black Honey, I thought this should be a crazy good combination. Which I am happy to, more or less, report back is! Now onto what I thought of some of the tracks from this debut EP:

One of the first songs that stood out especially for me on this 4 track EP is track 4, The Hunt. This is the exact song that I was sent in the lovely message and the song that persuaded me to give the whole EP a spin as a whole. It’s a song that I find in subtlety in your face and all over you, yet not. Its super upbeat and dancey but also has that faint Caribbean vibe to it. Which on paper doesn’t feel like it could work in anyway, but is defiantly does when you listen to it. If this song where a drink it would have a hint of Caribbean but have an almost overpowering smell of alternative pop. It’s such a crafty song as it has a false ending, where the whole song seems to be coming to an end and there is a silence. Then it all starts up again super surprisingly! Now I jumped when it started back up, listening to it for the first time. I found it totally unexpected which I loved as it adds a whole new twist to the song. Very clever and crafty, super astonishing.

Now this next song I love because it is really relatable in an odd way. Diane, track 2 is all about those happy times when your just so in love with someone that nothing else seems to matter. It has a happy skippy tone to it all that is carried along on by the beat of the drums and the up and down lyrics of proposed lost long love. It’s really refreshing for the ears to listen to songs that are both catchy and make sense lyrically, unlike some of the chart music. It’s the sort of song that you could hum along to without realising it whilst out and about or get the lyric Diane stuck in your head for longer than it should be. It’s such a cute song that seems that if you let it on its way then it would happily skip along a road filling the world up with cute love stores and catchy beats. I have nothing against that one little bit. I love this song. It’s a fabulous get up and do that thing you need to do motivational type song. That is literally the only way I can explain it.

This is an incredible debut EP that I would highly recommend you go buy. It’s so well put together with every song having its rightful place on the EP. Everyone needs to stop making such good debut EP’s because I am running out of space on my phone for all of this amazing music that has been coming out. It’s such a beautiful time for music. I’m going to leave you with The Curious Incident’s summery of what they ‘sound’ like. ‘The Curious Incident tastes like Jerk Chicken and Lemonade and makes your troubles melt away’. That is the best way to describe them and what they love doing!

Buy the album here:


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