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Last week I was given the opportunity to interview Trowler by the oh so fabulous record company Honey Peace Records. This is something that I instantly snapped up to do and quickly threw together some questions about the latest EP All The Truman Girls and other music based questions. I really enjoy doing this sort of thing because I like being nosey! Anyway, interview!

What is your favourite song on the EP and why?

It does change all the time although I think it’d have to be ‘Get So Far’ as it’s a little different to what I’d been doing before. I’m really happy with the way it came out and people seem to like it which is always nice!

Was there any key inspiration behind the album?

I listen to a lot of different stuff so I’d like to think a bit of everything found its way in there. I was really into David Bowie at the time and was just really blown away by his ability to switch from different styles so effortlessly which I something I wanted to try and dip my foot in, the change in song writing and production style from Diamond Dogs to Young Americans is so masterfully executed, he really was one of the best.

What do you love about making music the most?

I love every aspect of the process in different ways, I love the initial writing process before the song’s recorded just as much I love recording, producing and playing live. There really isn’t anything about It don’t like, I’m extremely grateful to be in a position where in I get to meet and create with so many amazing and talented people.

What is your favourite artist or band and what is your favourite album by them?

Of all time I’d have to say The Beach Boys, I guess you could say I’m tad obsessed with them. Although it’s obvious I’d have to say my favourite album by them would have to be Pet Sounds. It’s just perfect in every way from the production to Brian Wilson’s beautifully haunting melodic phrases, to Tony Asher’s heart-breaking lyrics as well as rest of The Beach Boys impeccable singing and harmonies. I’m also really into Animal Collective and Panda Bear at the moment Merriweather Post Pavilion and Person Pitch are both modern day classics (in my humble opinion).

Is there a country that you haven’t gigged in that you would like to?

I haven’t actually played outside of the UK yet so anywhere really, although I would really love to hopefully one-day play some shows in the U.S.

I would just like to thank Alfie, Amanda and Ryan for their time and all the best for the future things they have planned. You can go read my review of All The Truman Girls EP to get a full picture of what I thought of the EP. Hint: chilled. Its perfect music to do anything to really but especially cloud watching.

Buy the album here:



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