Trowler – All The Truman Girls EP

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All The Truman Girls cover art

Last week I was approached by Amanda from Honey Peace Records about some new music they had just helped release by an artist called Trowler. So I listened to the whole album and instantly knew that this had to be reviewed. Trowler is, in his words, a ‘bedroom recording project from 18-year-old multi-instrumentalist Alfie Firmin’. Now I didn’t know this until I had finished listening to the album so when I read the synopsis, I was amazed! This whole album has been made by an 18-year-old, in their bedroom. Let that sink in for a second. Because I started to think about how many things I have done on this scale in my life so and it’s not that many. So after the quick revaluation of my life decision I started picking out my favourite 2 songs. Here’s what I thought:

The song that I fell for first was track 1, At Least. This song instantly struck me as a pre summer summer song. It’s that sort of song that gets you all hyped up for the fantastic adventures you have planned with friends and family, or the warm weather if you live anywhere other than the UK. ANYWAY, At Least is such a relatable song as it takes you on a little journey from a sad everyday life stuck in a loop to a fabulous discovery full of excitements and risks. This whole theme is carried along by a steady beat that makes you want to lull your head back and chill out. This has been cunningly created by the different uses of guitars and synth like sounds. I really do love the whole way this song has been created in layers. It has certain parts of the song where its broken down to just the steady beat and the wonderful guitar and then instantly builds itself back up again. I know this just sounds like most songs but to me its slightly different and rawer than most other songs. I really do love this song, it’s so blissful and beautiful.

The next song that was purely a joy to listen to was, Pull You Under which is the last track on this dreamy EP. This song ticks all the boxes for me. It starts out sounding like a David Bowie song and then moves into more of a Beatles influence with a hint of Passenger skilled guitar playing. It’s such an original and quirky song to listen to, even though you don’t really think of it like that when you listen to it for the first time. This realisation happens more around the 5th play when you’re lying on your back cloud watching, wishing the world away. It’s the way the guitar seems to causally butt in which makes the song seem that bit more playful and fun and edgy in its own unique way. It is the perfect song to round off the album as it doesn’t seem to end until it has a really quick fade out at the end. I’m sure if you had this song on repeat then it would literally sound like one seamless and continuous song that you where okay with playing on forever. It’s so beautiful and makes everything seem a lot more peaceful.

This is such a chilled out EP that you should go listen to right now, its perfect music to do pretty much everything too. Apart from really serious things because then you need really serious music on. I can’t wait for more music from Trowler as he seems to know what he’s doing and does it really well. He is also only 18 and that to me is crazy! His music is incredible and it made and written and performed to such a high standard that he is on the right road to being a classic. I would also just like to thank Honey Peace Records for showing me Trowlers music and all the amazing kind things they have done for me and the artists they sign and help release. You are making the world a more peaceful place. Now go listen to Trowlers tunes and help spread the word of his amazing music!

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