Top 5 Albums – Febrary 2016

Hello Stranger,

What a wild month February has been. I say wild but to be plain it’s just been fully of unexpected things. One of these has been the death of a fabulous band and manger Viola Beach and Craig. I won’t go into it all as I did a post last week on it but what I will say is that their music is incredible and you should go listen to it and buy it. In other vaguely mainstream music based things everyone has gotten in a twitter row with everyone else. And Kesha has been denied by a judge to break her contract with her producer who she claims sexually and physically abused her for years. This is think is wrong and is unacceptable in this day in age. That has more or less summed up why this month has been wild. Personally it’s been a lovely February. Now to the tunes of this month:

5) Pizza Time – Todo

I strongly dislike Spanish as a language to learn. So when Pizza Time followed me on Twitter, I was at first hesitant to listen to their music. A week later I was listening to Fresh Juice and they played Pizza Time and I thought ‘This sounds pretty cool’. So I went and downloaded the album and have never looked back or hesitated with indie Spanish music since. I really do love this album as it’s something super different to what I would normally listen to and I love that. It has a happy, no cares no worries vibe by the sounds of it. But as my GCSE in Spanish has failed me once again as I have literally no idea what they are singing about but whatever it is, its good. My favourite track from this album is track 1, Pizza Time because it sums up the band perfectly. It’s a song that’s all over the place lyrically and yet still maintains its dignity by having trigger happy guitar all the way through it. I would strongly recommend downloading this album because it’s something different and in their words not mine; ‘Download that shit for free on the Bandcamp page!!!’

4) Halsey – Badlands

This next album is not one I would normally go for but my sister recommended it to me, so I gave it a spin. My initial thoughts weren’t great but I would say it grew on me over time. This is down to the fact that some of the songs are more ‘made to chart’ songs that have more pop vibes that I personally like. BUT this is one of those perfect debut albums as it really shows off Halsey’s talent as an artist breaking into the industry. I honestly love most of the songs on this album as they are like pop versions of Lana Del Ray songs, which is something I didn’t think I needed until I finished listening to the album all the way through for the 3rd time. Some of the songs I really like are Colors, Drive, I Walk The Line and Hold Me Down. But my personal favourite is Castle, track 1. I love it because it just instantly made me think of empowerment. If you don’t get what I mean, then walk down a road listening to this song really loudly. It has a heavy beat with light sprinkles of electronic noises and heavenly like singing. It’s just an all-round epic song that has a super catchy chorus that will definitely get stuck in your head for a few good days.

3) Lonely The Brave – Black Mire

NOW, this is something that I don’t think I’ve ever done before to my memory, so correct me if I’m wrong but this ‘album’ is not an album it is but a single. I do realise this is meant to be a top 5 ALBUMS but I have been listening to this song pretty much non-stop since I was sent it. I love Lonely The Brave quite a fair bit so when this single came out I was quick to take a listen of it. Little did I know that the people on the mailing list had been sent the single for free, so I was super happy that I could now just listen to it constantly and not have to pay a penny. Grasp the free stuff while it’s still free. I do adore this song as it just has typical Lonely The Brave guitar and drums in it. Yet the lyrics are similar to what they would normally be in a typical song yet they feel more real and heartfelt. I have no idea why it just does. I think it’s down to the fact that it’s such a hard core and intense song yet has light and heartfelt lyrics. It’s such a fabulous song and I can’t wait for the album to come out in May!

2) Grimes – Art Angel

I have been obsessed with Grimes during the whole of this month. I had heard of them before and somebody at some point had recommended them to me but I never got round to listening to them properly. So when they came up in the suggestion bar on YouTube I was quick to click and listen away. Now the one I clicked on is my favourite from this album along with Kill V. Maim which is track 6 on this alternative dancey album of fast pace songs. I clicked on Flesh without Blood/Life in the Vivid Dream which is actually a combination of two songs mushed together but are in two separate parts on the album. I really love Flesh without Blood as it’s so fun loving and feminine yet not at the same time. It’s just super catchy and a song that I can both listen to casually and dance and sing the hell out of at well. Any song that I can do that to is a fabulous song in my books.

1) Passenger – All The Little Lights

This month’s top album is All The Little Lights! I’m going to blame this small obsession with this album on a certain marmalade cat because it is mainly their fault but is really cute way. ANYWAY, this album is all of my emotions in one as its one that you can put on no matter what mood you’re in or feeling. Its fully of powerful lyrics and moving guitar and violin solos that bring you to the brink of tears because it’s too sweet and innocent. There is a song for everyone on this album but the one most would know is track 2, Let Her Go. I do like this song but it was really overplayed when it first came out which kind of ruined it for me. So my favourite would have to be the album title track 4, All The Little Lights. It’s such a simple song yet has so many complex meanings behind every little thing. I love that about this song. This is one of the albums that I more or less instantly go to now when I need to wind down or do some revising. It’s one of the modern classic albums I my eyes. It’s beautiful.

Buy the albums here:

Pizza Time – Todo:

Halsey – Badlands:

Lonely The Brave – Black Mire:

Grimes – Art Angel:

Passenger – All The Little Lights:

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