Viola Beach: Boys That Sang

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This is something that I thought I would never be writing in my lifetime at all. On Sunday 14th February it was around 8:30ish in the morning and I was scrolling through Facebook and all of the pointless things on there. This is when I came across Flying Vinyl’s post about Viola Beach and how they had ‘Woken up to awful news that during the night the Viola Beach lads and their manager Craig died in a car accident after a gig in Sweden’. At first I thought this was some kind of prank or something like that. Then I realised that Flying Vinyl are definitely not the type of company/organisation to joke about something so sensitive. So I looked it up and found that it was true.

Viola Beach were introduced to me by a dear friend who has a Flying Vinyl subscription and got the October 2015 edition in which contained the single Swings & Waterslides and Cherry Vimto. She sent me a link to Swings & Waterslides and as soon as I listened to it I downloaded the single, listened too it none stop, looked them up and who they were and wrote a blog post. The same thing happened when they were doing a first radio play on Radio 1 for their new single, Boys That Sing/Like A Fool. I listened intently for the song and, again, I instantly feel in love with it. Boys That Sing was another record that I knew was made with passion and a love for music. I loved the single a lot so I wrote a review straight after I listened to both songs and posted it. After I posted the review I sent an email to the manager Craig asking if I could do a small email based interview. He said yes.

Craig instantly replied to my email with a resounding yes. I couldn’t believe it and I quickly sent over my questions to them. My first interview with a band was happening and it was super exciting and incredible. This just goes to show how they appreciated any interaction and comments about their work. For both reviews and the interview, I did they were really supportive and loved my work. These sorts of people deserve to go far in life. They had a really bright and beautiful future ahead of them that didn’t deserve to be cut short in any way. Their music was fresh and free feeling. They were a band that knew what they wanted and would stop at nothing to get there. All of them where amazing people and where so grateful of their fans support whenever they launched new music or merchandise. All I can say to wrap this post up is; make sure they live on in the form that they loved to the end: music.

At this current moment in time fans of Viola Beach are trying to get their music to number 1 on the charts. I would love it so much if you could help with this as its something that, I feel, gives the boys a proper send off and helps more people know who they where and what great music they made. All the money made from the sale of Viola Beach’s second single are going to be donated to the families of the band members and their manager.


Boys That Sing/Like A Fool Review:

Swings & Waterslides Review:


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