Bear’s Den – Agape EP

Hello Stranger,

This has been a very busy week for me and this has been one of a few albums that have managed to help me get through it. This is the first time this week I have sat down at home to relax and as lovely as reviewing is, it’s not exactly watching a whole season of Fargo in one sitting type of relaxing. Still this is a very relaxing album to listen to so I’m happy to read into everything Bear’s Den is singing about. This is a band that I was recently introduced to by a beautiful friend of mine. They are a mix of Mumford & Sons with a hint of Bombay Bicycle Clubs emotional feel to them which I really am quite fond of. So let us begin and delve into the wonder that is the 2015 Agape EP by Bear’s Den.

To start us off we have one of my all-time favourite Bear’s Den original songs, track 1 and the title of the EP itself Agape. This is a really catchy song right from the click of play. You have the beautiful banjo and guitar combination that starts out all of the beautiful musical layers which carries the song along the journey that is this 4:23 song. It has a happy adventurous vibe to it yet it has an underline essence of passion to it that only comes through when he sings about someone else. This is amazing writing and performing from Bear’s Den about a song that means so much to all of them. Not many bands or artists can pull this type of song writing and performing on this level. It is incredible. This also goes for the way it is that type of song that has all of the ‘emotional’ feelings in it and could ether make you cry or smile like a beautiful fool. There is no in-between when it comes to this song. Agape is a perfect example of what these guys are capable of and the talent they have. It’s all too extraordinary.

Alrighty, the next song from this fabulous album is track 3, a cover of Sam Smith’s Stay With Me. Now I know I have always said that the original is always better than the covers, well I am going to make that rule void for this song because, my goodness this should be the original. It is so haunting and more powerful in the way that its presented and performed. Bears’ Den have taken this song and made it all the more influential with an even bigger hint of feeling. The way that its sung and performed is like a poem. It is mainly sung yet has the talent of instruments backing it all up subtly yet perfectly. This version has so much more to give and make you feel than the original and I think that it is one of their best covers so far. Its seamless and so memorable as when the original comes on all I can think of is this cover. So go listen to this version as it is, in my opinion, far better than Sam’s version.

Overall this EP is a jam packed 4 track EP which is a perfect taster for anyone thinking of buying Bear’s Den’s whole album, Island. This is a faultless EP and I have only reviewed 2 of the 4 songs on it. So I would say take a listen to this whole EP. I would also recommend you take your ears along another journey by also listening to a Bear’s Den original song, Above The Clouds Of Pompeii. This has the same vibes as the album and is a beautiful and very very moving song. I cried watching the music video for it because it was a bit much for an already over emotional teenager. Agape is an EP that could be summed up by saying that its flawless. It will make you feel very emotional but in both a good way and a bad way which in my eyes is perfect.

Buy the album here:

Above The Clouds Of Pompeii:


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