House Plants – Fluffy Tales EP

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Welcome to the first week of February! I have been waiting to put this review up for a while now ever since I found out the Fresh Juice where going to be realising it. this was way back at the start of the year. It is House Plants debut EP Fluffy Tales. As soon as it was announced I put it straight into the schedule and unfortunately I had to set it back a bit but its hear now. This EP was released on January 22nd via the radio show Fresh Juices record label on limited pressed cassette tapes. I still need to get a cassette player of some sorts…

The first song of this 4 track EP that I really loved is track 1, Aeroplane. Now as soon as this song starts out it gives you a clear message of what the whole album is going to sound like. In this case it’s going to sound all dreamy but with very tiny hints of heavier and lighter things. It’s quite cool how this is all done. It kicks off with a very happy spaced out sounding guitar with soothes everything to a t. This is one of the main bases for the whole album I would say as there is this clear vibe throughout each song even if it’s quite small, it’s still there. Saying that it also has those types of lyrics that you think you know and can sing along to yet you don’t. they are rather catchy but have a clear distinctive flair to them that gives the song more passion and feeling to it. Aeroplane is a really laid-back song with a kick of cuteness and psychedelic talents. I would say it’s a very well rounded song with a few tricks up its sleeve as it were trying to be the cool kid in the class but instead sitting at the back staring out the window. Well that’s my opinion anyway.

One other song that caught my ears, as they say is the title of the album, track 3, Fluffy Tales. It’s got that sort of ‘I don’t care what my parents think’ type of ambiance to it. Yet it also has, to start with, a 50s slow dance vibe about it but this is quickly swarmed by attention-grabbing guitar and backing vocals. This song reminds me of the wind, a bit, due to its faultless flow and togetherness. It just caries you along from slow beachy echoes to grungier uproars which I really do love as its somewhat deceitful to start with as it’s a rather unexpected change. I could sit back and listen to this song for a fair while I would say as it just has that instant likeability to it. I think it’s down to the way that the word ‘sounds’ is sung. It stands out a great deal from the rest of the song like a jigsaw piece that you know goes there but you can’t work out how but in a super cool type of way. I don’t really know how else to describe it. Fluffy Tales has a steady heavy beat yet it’s all light and airy with forced smiles on. Its super cool to say the least.

Over all this album has been one of my favourite to review so far this year as it is so likeable from the beginning. House Plants is a psychedelic dream pop band from South London who I believe just like making dreamy tunes with super cute meanings. Go listen to this album because I can guarantee that you will like this no matter what your preference in genre or band is. It’s just so relaxing and calming, I really can’t wait for more albums/EP’s by House Plants. So go make more fabulous and beautiful songs because I do really love your music you guys! Also you should go take a look at the Fresh Juice record label while you’re there as they have their own mixtape on Bandcamp which is full of super trendy tunes.

Buy the album here and take a look at Fresh Juice Records:


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