Top 5 Albums – January 2016

Hello Stranger,

January. The first month of the new year. It has been an interesting month and emotional as well. The queen David Bowie died during the first week, then Alan Rickman died and then my mock exams started. So it was a rather sad start. But then I bought some tickets to go see Mumford & Sons with support from Wolf Alice with a dear friend of mine in Hyde Park. I then interviewed Viola Beach and all my mocks finished. Musically nothing massive happened. Saying that David Bowies albums are now in the Top 100 which I think is the best possible way to pay tribute to his work. This month has also been the month in which I have discovered that my music tastes aren’t summed up by one genre. It is summed many genres which all add up to music. But without further or do it is time to see what’s been spinning on my record player this month, or virtual one in some cases:

5) Bob Marley – Legend

You can’t tell me this is not a classic album that many people should own because it is. This is an album that I was hesitant to listen to to start with as I still have very limited storage on my phone still. But in the end I gave in, put it on my phone and annoyed everyone by singing all of the songs really loudly. Bob Marley is one of those artists that instantly became a classic as soon as he released his first full album back in 1965 with The Wailers. He started something that still today is influncual to most modern day music and society. He was an incredible person. My favourite song from this 1984 compilation album is Three Little Birds, track 4. This song has many a wonderful memory attached to it and hopefully many more. For that reason, it has to be the one. It has that easy to chilled out to vibe to it with lyrics that pretty much all should know and can sing along to. It is one of those classic Marley songs that will get stuck in your head for a lifetime. Bob Marley is a go to artist for when it’s time to relax and let everything wash over you.

4) David Bowie – Hunky Dory

From Bob Marley to David Bowie. This is quite a legendry January isn’t it? Now I have done a whole post on the star man himself but I felt it only right for one of his albums to be in this month’s top spots. I always listen to Bowie, every month and this month is more than most. Now and album that has pretty much always stood out for me is Hunky Dory as it was one of the first records I was given as a present by an another dear friend. It is a get up and go album that has to be one of my favourite by Bowie. Picking a favourite from this album is almost impossible but it would have to be Queen Bitch. Although Oh! You Pretty Things and Life On Mars? have to be very very close behind it. It is a song that suits every mood and emotion possible yet it’s so happy with all of its hidden meanings. As I said in my Remember Bowie post it is a get up and go type of song from the first hum and the guitar kicking. It’s all guns blazing from then on. It’s a song that so easy to fall in love with from the first listen.

3) Lana Del Rey – Ultraviolence

Lana Del Rey: Ultraviolence CD Album

From legends to one in the making. Lana Del Rey is one of those artist that instantly became a hit with her daydreamy music and high vibes. I love her, she is such a beautiful singer that can go from singing about sex to the society we live in today and how crazy it is. That talent and classiness needs to be recognised a little more I think. More or less all of the songs from Ultraviolence released back in 2014 are amazing. They have depressing and emotional lyrics that are filled with loads of meanings topped off with dream pop grungy guitars and drums. Picking a favourite from this album I would say is near impossible but little old me managed it in the end. I had to go with Brooklyn Baby. It’s a song that I know all the lyrics too and I would happily listen to all day long. It’s a song that can ether make you want to get up and sway too or sit and contemplate life too. There is no in-between. It has power lyrics, heavy drums that hit you hard and almost haunting guitar. It is such a beautiful song and I love it dearly.

2) Warpaint – Warpaint

I haven’t been listening to this band for long as it was one of those ‘I’m bored of this song let me see what is in the sidebar on YouTube’ finds. I found these guys lateish last year and love this album a lot. I was looking for albums that I could revise too easily and this fit the bill. I listened to a couple of songs on YouTube, bought it and cracked on with some coursework. This is such a fabulous album to do this too. It has mysterious vocals, plucky guitars and laid back drums with other interesting sounds and meanings thrown in. It is literally the best album. My favourite song from this album is track 3, Love Is To Die. It’s so great! It has deep meaningful meanings behind most of the song. It has catchy lyrics and best of all it is beautifully put together. It all seemingly flows into one seamless song that has no rough edges only smooth. It is a really refined song and I think that it is gorgeous.

1) The Verve – Urban Hymns

The Verve, Urban Hymns.png

Now the top for this month is a big surprise to me as I could have sworn that I have put The Verve at the top of a different month before but obviously not. So I really do love The Verve and this album as a whole. I recently bought it on vinyl brand new, much to my disappointment that I couldn’t find Urban Hymns in any of my local record shops. This is the album that started out my love for all things alternative and rock based. I listened to this album way back when I was a little younger than I am now, maybe around 9-10 years old while I was going through my Dad’s CD’s. He said I might like it so gave it a listen and loved it instantly. It has been an album I more or less always go to when i have no idea what I want to listen to or what mood I’m in. it always seems to fit the mood just right no matter what. My favourite song would have to be the song that inspired me to start Violin. Bittersweet Symphony. I have still yet to be able to play the violin properly and this song too but you know what they say. Don’t let your dreams be dreams! It has the beautiful violin section at the start that makes you want to hum as loudly as possible. The way this song is sung as well gives you chills because of how laid back it is. I know all the lyrics and I’m proud because who wouldn’t want to sing along to this powerful yet chilled out song. Pure beauty.

Buy the albums here:

Bob Marley – Legend:

      David Bowie – Hunky Dory:

Lana Del Rey – Ultraviolence:*/Music/Ultraviolence-CD-Album/3CAS05NM000

Warpaint – Warpaint:

The Verve – Bittersweet Symphony:


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