Viola Beach – Interview

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Last week was a bit of a crazy week as far as pretty much everything was concerned. But by far the best thing has to be this interview. It was really lovely to have the opportunity to do the interview as it was my first one and I am super thankful for Viola Beach and their manager for letting me ask some questions. So without further or do here’s the tiny interview:

What was the inspiration behind Boys That Sing?

It’s about learning to play guitar and sing in order to impress a girl and win her over.

Is there anything that motivates you guys to write songs or a song writing process?

That’s quite a tough one. There’s no song writing process so to speak, I just write one acoustically when it comes to me (which is fairly often) and then turn it into a full band song when we’re together.

What is the best thing about being in a band and when did you realise you could make a career out of being in a band?

The best thing about it is its sort of like a band of brothers. Sharing the adrenaline and experiences does make you much closer. Also all the free beer. And I don’t think we’ve even come to the conclusion that we could make a career out of it yet, we’re still working on that!

Would you say there is a favourite theme/vibe or genre you guys tend to love playing and writing to?

Yeah just pop really. It’s all just nice upbeat pop music. I hope anyway.

What type of musicians influence your music and why?

I wouldn’t say any musicians directly influence the tunes. Not consciously anyway. But certain bands’ work ethic and level of success really drives us to work hard and be successful.

Is there anything unusual or unexpected that you guys listen to?

Not that I can think of no. We like a lot of different artists and genres. Hip Hop, R&B, Rock, Punk and obviously Indie pop. Pretty basic really. Sorry I wish I had a more interesting answer for that.

I would just like to thank the band again for their time and all the best for the future things. So all I need after that fabulous time is go read my review of their Swings & Waterslides single that started it all out for them and my review from last week on their current singles. Then go get all of the songs, you won’t regret it my stranger.

Get the album here:

Viola Beach – Singles:

Viola Beach – Boys That Sing/Like A Fool:


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