Brave Town – Brave Town EP

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It is that time of the week once again. It comes around quickly I think, or maybe it’s the fact that I tend to do nothing else. Who knows! This week’s review is on Brave Town and their debut EP, which goes by the same name. They are a small band from Nashville who started out as a punk rock band with only two members. Over the coming years they managed to get a 4-part band together to make some amazing songs on this fabulous EP. This EP is currently up on Noisetrade to download for free which is where I found this beautiful EP and band. I really love this bands vibes and instantly went to download it after listening to the first track. I then listened to the whole album and was not disappointed.

The first song that I really loved is Denim, track 1. It has guitar solos, fabulously sung lyrics and one of those dancing beats that you wouldn’t be able to stop tapping your foot to and hum along to. It starts out with that sort of ‘talky singing’ that singers do with a subtle guitar which I have to admit is rather original. But, it feels like everything from this point onwards is thrown off by this start. I think it just comes in too quickly and needs a sort of subtle guitar start then add the lyrics on and then go into the song. But hey! I do still love it. I love how there is two types of guitar in this, ones rather ‘hard-core/alternative’ sounding and then the other is subtler and used to add body to the song. The heavier guitar is incredible in this song. It throws in a twist every now and then when your least expecting it. It’s safe to say that this song keeps you on your toes both figuratively and physically. However, my favourite part of Denim has to be the chorus when the lyrics and the guitar seemingly become one fabulous noise. It’s safe to say that Jay Ragsdale and Michael Kelley (the guitarists) are rather good at guitaring.

One other song caught my eye when I listened to it was track 4 of this EP, Who You Want Me To Be. Now if you want to know what this band is capable of doing or what any of their songs are like or could potentially be like then go listen to this song. It is like the opening chapter to a book that has already been read as this is the final song on this EP. It has that heavy guitar again, incredible piano playing, beautiful base and kick ass drums to finish the song all off. it also has haunting lyrics in it that top off the entire song so well. Who You Want Me To Be is full of mixed emotions which link perfectly to the title. Some verses of this song are hard hitting, others are more of light punches. This is really shown in the middle of the song where the guitars take over and all of the noises being made seem to just wash over you. Then when you hear the end of the song you think it’s all over and then it just slowly moves into some peaceful keyboard. These fabulous transition are a true show of what these people are gifted at.

This EP is the first Brave Town have ever released. And how it does not show one tiny bit! They are the perfect combination between the bands they describe themselves being similar too. Coldplay, The Killers, Jack White and Kings of Leon. I could not have described them better than that list of bands. They are a lovely band who make lovely music and they even have an aim as musicians and general human beings ‘Brave Town strives to not only create great music, but to impact people through their songs and build a welcoming and supportive community.’ I would give them most of the prizes, if I had any or even gave any out. You should definitely go take a listen and support them and what amazing things they make and do.

Get the album here:

Take a look at their website:


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