Remember Bowie.

Hello Stranger,

This has been another crazy week full to the brim of emotions and this is another one of those ‘he was my hero’ posts about what an influence he had on my small life. David Bowie. I grew up with his music and he has been an idol to me ever since my parents played The Jean Genie. His whole style and persona made me realise that difference is a good thing to have in a person. So it because of him I am who I am today. He is everything I aspire to be and will always be my idol. So without further or do I present to you the songs that had the biggest influence on me.


The first song that I would like to talk about is Golden Years. This is from Changesonebowie and was released in 1976. This is the first vinyl of his I bought and it more or less started my vinyl collection. Once I bought it I instantly went out looking for Changestwobowie and it took me forever to find. I have no idea why but I couldn’t find it in any record shop in the South West for a while, or if I did find one it was very scratched and damaged. This song is all about not knowing what you want to do when you’re young and ‘have it all’. Golden Years is about being in a time when it all works out and everyone is having the time of their lives but not realise where you’re going or what your even doing in life. This, I feel, is exactly like teenage years so for a while yet this is significant to me on a personal level. But you should never feel like your best years are behind you as you have no idea of what is yet to come. As soon as the twang of guitar kicks in and the click of the fingers everything seems to just simultaneously stop and you have a sudden need to put on some glitter and dance.


The next song by the almighty star man that I adore is, Queen Bitch from the album Hunky Dory. This song is amazing and one of those get up and go type of songs. As soon you hear Bowie humming/singing and the guitar kick in its turn it up loud and sing it from the roofs. Queen Bitch is literally a perfect example of a perfect song. It has a catchy easy to dance to beat, beautiful lyrics that you can sing along to and it’s an excellent driving song! This song has got loads of hidden messages and meaning if you look into it really deeply but I would suggest doing that yourself as everyone interprets things differently. I love this album as there are so many great songs on it like this one, Life On Mars?            and Oh! You Pretty Things. This has to be one of my favourite albums along with both Changesbowie albums! I can’t really pick I lied.


The final song that made me realise what power Bowie has is Heroes. This is from his Heroes album released back in 1977. I had mostly forgotten this song until I re-watched Perks Of Being A Wallflower where this song is known as the tunnel song. This is where I think that this song becomes its true meaning. It stands for freedom, love and being who you want to be no matter what. This is a part of this film where the main character becomes infinite. I had this song on repeat for the whole of the day after I watched this film as I forgot how powerful it is and what it is. It is one of Bowie’s iconic songs. As soon as the guitar starts up and the drums kick in everybody knows it’s a Bowie song. It’s the type of song that you could know the lyrics too almost instantly and recognise the meaning behind it within the first few listens. This song is my all-time favourite Bowie song because of what it starts for and how it is still relevant in today’s society and world. It has the right amount of power and feeling in it yet it is so poetic and was an instant classic at the time.


Now to wrap things up as poetically as I possibly can in honour of my idol, my dear friend went to Brixton to see the Bowie memorial and so kindly send me some photos. My friend said that ‘No one was talking; it is very ominous and silent. It was really interesting. Some people were crying, some were just standing, some were putting down flowers and someone put a record on the wall. Someone also spray painted the lightning bolt on a billboard of two women next to it and people had written all around it. But everyone was stood standing in respects of a great man.’ Bowie went how Bowie goes. With style and effortlessness. Star man. You helped me learn how to be myself. You made me get up and dance and sit down and cry. You made me realise how amazing it can all be. You inspired me. You made me who I am today. You taught me what music was. For that I am forever grateful, thank you and rest peacefully.


Check out Ashleas blog post about Bowie:


All images photographed by Ashlea Forgacs


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