Brian S. Cassidy – Alpine Seas

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Alpine Seas cover art

What a week full to the brim of super highs and super lows but hey that’s life. It just keeps on rolling along. This week I’m going to review an album that was so kindly sent to me. It is Brian S. Cassidy’s debut album Alpine Seas. This album has such a wide variety of songs on it for a debut album. I’m sure that each debut album I review the better the next one gets and it is hard coming up with tracks to put onto an album for the first time. After a while it becomes second nature but for some artists to get the hang of it first time around is incredible. If I were going to put this album in a genre I would struggle; one because I hate categorizing music as I feel it restricts its true nature and potential as an album/song, and two because there is such a range of music on this album. So without any more rabbling on let’s dive into this album of delights.

Alrighty! The first song that I really loved was track 7, Clare’s Bridge. This song is a mix of passionately sung lyrics, beautifully played piano and epic guitar playing. It has that grungy vibe to this song but yet it still is a moving and powerful song. It reminds me of something Wolf Alice would produce. Not literally but metaphorically. It starts out with eerie and freeing sounds that seem to lightly dance up and down the keyboard. This first part sums up the song as it is a free feeling song. then everything slowly builds up to the main parts of the song that carry the poetry all the way to the final note. I simply love the guitar in this song as it adds body and texture to the lyrics and the whole meaning and feel behind the song. I would say it’s all about being with the ones you feel you were destined to be with. It’s such a powerful song that just seems to go on forever and, I would say, is relatable to many people on a personal level. As it goes through so many topics and seems to swing between each instrument played effortlessly. I really do love this song, perfect.

Now I know that it’s wrong and I really shouldn’t but this song is my favourite. Track 1, is how the cool kids call it ‘where it’s at’. I’m an Ocean is so beautifully simple yet it has something special in it that I can’t seem to place. It may be the instantly calming instruments at the start that transmit the song through various emotions and themes. It could be how the lyrics effortlessly roll off of Cassidy’s tongue especially when he does the ahs at roughly 1:40. It is accompanied by dream like sounds that move his voice from one ear to the other. At this point if anybody closed their eyes they would fall asleep and dream happy. It’s like one of those tracks that seemingly never end until the guitar kicks in. then the whole mood seems to just change in an instant. It goes from a lullaby to a lullaby with a kick and a point to make come across. The way this song is put together is almost seamless. It ends as it starts out with dream like sounds as if what you just listened to was all a dream in itself. It’s a fabulous way to start the album and I would not have put any other song first!

This album astonished me when I first played it. I instantly thought how can this be a debut album and how can this be made by one man in his bedroom. It was created using, and I quote ‘All songs were recorded with the use of 2 sub-$100 microphones, a 2-channel audio interface, and an 8-year old computer.’ If you thought that was incredible this is topped off by this simple statement at the end ‘All instruments performed by Brian S. Cassidy.’ This man is one of a kind and it is amazing to think that he had one thought to make a whole album by himself and did it. he is literally a one-man band and what a wonderful and delightful band it is. Go take a look at his record company that he has set up and get this album as its perfect for listening to when you have no idea what you want to listen to. It’s also great to revise too as its all plain sailing soothing tunes.

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