Rain Maze – Sleeptalking EP

Hello Stranger,

Sleeptalking - EP cover art

Happy New Year to one and all! I hope this year brings all that you desire and dream for. This week’s review is going to be a combination of two items, wrong but right word to use. This is because towards the end of last year I received a follow on Twitter from HoneyPeace Records which is a small independent record company, which I was most grateful for. I checked them out and saw their latest release and gave it a listen. It was Rain Maze – Sleeptalking EP and it was super good. So without Honey Peace Records I would not have found is fabulous band and would not have been doing this review of their latest work. Crazy right? Back to the music review thing that I do!

The first song of this 4 track EP that I really loved is the title of the album, track 1 Sleeptalking. This song has a steady beat and poetic meaningful lyrics that give it’s a dreamy yet slightly depressing vibe to it. I love songs about sleep and dreaming as its someone else’s view point on dreams and what they are like for them personally. So this song didn’t disappoint in that area. In the instruments area there is a section of the song purely ‘dedicated’ to instruments and that is about half way through. This adds to the spaced out feeling yet strangely sleepy feeling I got when I listened to this song. This ‘dedicated’ section has a combination of spacey/electronic vintage sounding guitar, which again I love and seems to be making a comeback in some way or another, and electronic sounding ‘wind’ noises. I say wind as it is honestly the only way I can semi accurately describe it. This sections is also combined by a gentle symbol and casual beat of the drums to add more power to it. It really is a beautifully composed song and it is great for just laying back and closing your eyes to and letting the music wash over you like a wave of dreams. This song is a fabulous start to the EP.

The next song that caught my attention was, Midday Sun which is track 4. This song is, in my opinion, the definition of chilled out and relaxing even though it has its moments of non-relaxing sounds. The guitar in this song carries the whole song along on a wave of relaxed vibes. It’s the way it’s sung as well. This song is sung with a slight hint of being fed up which in no way a bad thing as it makes the song seem more real and relatable to the listener. It also gives the song more of a meaning and a personality of its own. The steady beat, much like Sleeptalking, adds a bit of body to the song and gives it more power and feeling to it. But I think that the main thing in this song is the guitar and lyrical combination that seemly takes over the whole song. Yet all of the instruments seem perfectly balanced out to complement each other. This dreamy haze of a song is defiantly a song that I could happily sit back and relax and contemplate life too. It starts out as a sweet little song and then changes slightly into something more than that. I like that about this song as it makes it unique to the rest of the songs in this world and one the EP itself.

Overall this album has a general ‘sit back and let life wash over you for a moment’ type of vibe. Especially when you have both headphones in, turned up loud to drown everything else out and are lying down in a comfy place. This album has been long coming for Rain Maze and it does not disappoint. It has that classic alternative dream vibe to it that I am really into at the moment. It is a recently discovered genre of music that I have come across a few times. Its such laid-back music but with meaning and feeling to it. That is a sentence I would use to sum up this EP. So go take a look at Rain Maze’s music and HoneyPeace Records as they are two amazing things that I would say that you need to at least take a look at.

Buy the album here: http://honeypeace.bandcamp.com/album/sleeptalking-ep

Take a look at HoneyPeace Records here: http://www.honeypeacerecords.com/


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