Top 5 Albums – December 2015

Hello Stranger,

This month has been pretty incredible, like most months. It has been more Christmassy than ever which you can either love or hate. I got into the Christmas spirt on 26th November by wearing my Christmas jumper for that one day in November and all hell broke loose. In the world of music however everything turned Christmassy. The battle for Christmas number one was great as the NHS choir won against Bieber. I will support anything that beats Bieber. Ed Sheeran announced that he will be gone from social media for at least 6 months. No Ed for 6 months. David Bowie released a song from his upcoming album Black Star and I can say as a massive Bowie fan it’s pretty good. GoldFlakePaint released a compilation album that I did a review of last week which you can go read after you have read what made my December subtlety Christmassy.

5) Rod Stewart – Another Country

Love him or hate him, Rod Stewart is a timeless classic artist who knows his stuff when it comes to music. With a career spanning just over 54 years he does not disappoint with this album. He could sing anything and it would sound perfect as he is known for his upbeat songs. But he does know how to do sad and meaningful songs as well. This album is more of a get up and go adventuring album compared to some of his earlier albums but it’s an album that you could put on and be really productive whilst listening to it. Now my favourite track from this album is Track 1, Love Is. This song, I would say, sums up Rod as an artist. It has beautiful lyrics that are simple yet have a message behind each one. It has pretty much, mostly instruments that Rod knows how to play himself; which is quite a few I may add. It’s what Rod is very known for, catchy and easy to pick up on lyrically which I really love about his songs. Overall I wouldn’t say this album is his best but I wouldn’t say it’s his worst. It’s an excellent mix of the musical skills he is capable of doing. It’s pretty darn good.

4) Lonely The Brave – A Day’s War (Victory Edition)

Now believe it or not this has to be one of my favourite alternative rock bands as they make meaningful and relatable songs but with epic guitar and drums. This album has so many songs on it that I, at first, didn’t think it would fit on my phone as, with most iPhone users, I only have less than 1GB left and I had other albums to put on my phone. Oh the struggles with having such a broad taste in music. This album is the deluxe version and I bought it with a t-shirt with the lyrics from Backroads on it as its one of my favourite songs on this album. And, saying that, of Lonely The Braves generally. Backroads is one of the songs I play when I’m feeling down or have lost my faith in humanity or something like that. It makes me feel like it’s not all that bad and it can get better no matter how bad the situation is. It has a beautiful combination of passionate lyrics sung with so much meaning and heavy yet strangely suitable instruments. It all works together to make a powerful song. This is what Lonely The Brave are good at and I would say they are one my ones to watch next year.

3) Coldplay – A Head Full Of Dreams

COLDPLAY CREATED A NEW ALBUM! I am a huge Coldplay fan so much so I tried to get tickets to see them in Wembley but like most people failed. As soon as I heard the single teaser for Adventure Of A Lifetime I knew this song was going to be like Mylo Xyloto, all happy and uplifting tunes. SO I pre-ordered the CD and the Vinyl already for when I got back from Malaysia and I was not disappointed when it arrived. I listened to it all the way through and it is basically another version of Mylo Xyloto but with a few more meaningful songs. My favourite song from this album would have to be, track 4 Everglow. I love this song, like a lot. It’s filled to the brim of meaningful lyrics and passionately played piano and backing singers. It has Coldplay written all over it as it sounds like a song from Parachutes because of the way it has been sung. I love the way Chris Martian sings this song as he could not have put more effort into this song. It is more or less another lyrically beautiful songs full of amazing singing and with an awesome instrumental at the end which gets your prepared for the following song, Adventure Of A Lifetime.

2) Jamie T – Carry On The Grudge

Now it’s been a while since I had listened to this album and when a friend asked what songs he should sing I went to Carry On The Grudge. I knew that it had the perfect song for him on it and then I literally didn’t stop listening to this album for the rest of that week. It has such a variety of songs on it. From electronic sounds to grunge to alternative to rock. It’s incredible to think that it was, more or less, just him writing and thinking about how he wants it to sound and be like. Crazy when you think of it like that. Now picking ONE song to be my favourite was a complete pain in the arse. I had to pick out of 4 songs and they were Limits Lie, Rabbit Hole, They Told Me It Rained and Don’t You Find. But in the end I went with Limits Lie, track 1. This is because it more or less sums up what Jamie T is like as a singer on this album. He can do simple and complex at the same time and also do songs with twists and sudden turns. In this song there is everything from fade outs and crazy guitar solos too easy to sing lyrics and calm moments in the craziness of it all.

1) GoldFlakePaint – A Collective Sigh Of Relief

After finding out GoldFlakePaint did compilation albums I went and downloaded this one and The Pale Light Between straight after my review of their latest one came out. I love all of these compilations as they give you a variety of music all in one place but with hint of knowledge and love for this type/genre of music. This album definitely sums up GoldFlakePaint and the fabulous blog and record label they have. They give up and coming bands the recognition they need and I love that about them. They seem to understand the struggle to make it anywhere in this sea of a music scene. So that leads me on to my favourite track from this album! This would be track 6, Partners in Crime by Coma Cinema. I am a bit of a fan of Coma Cinema as their songs are so beautiful yet so simply made that I don’t know how they are able to pull it off each time. Partners in Crime is such a powerful song full of emotions that you never knew here possible. It’s an incredible song.

Buy the albums here:

Rod Stewart – Another Country:

Lonely The Brave – A Days War (Victory Edition):—2cd-album/

Coldplay – A Head Full Of Dreams:

Jamie T – Carry On The Grudge:

GoldFlakePaint – A Collective Sigh Of Relief:


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