GoldFlakePaint – The Human Noise We Sat There Making (Compilation)

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GoldFlakePaint - The Human Noise We Sat There Making - cover

ITS CHRISTMAS, as you can tell by the really ‘cool’ snow on my blog. Unfortunately this week’s review is not really Christmassy in any way but, it was released this month if that’s any constellation. This week’s album review is of GoldFlakePaint’s compilation album The Human Noise We Sat There Making. I have been a big fan of GoldFlakePaint for a while and I didn’t realise that they did their own compilation tapes until this one came out on 17th December. I have to say I have been listening to pretty much this and Christmas songs ever since it came out! I like it as it’s a variety of different sounds and vibes all in one album. It’s more or less a playlist of what Tom, the editor, has been loving these past few months, since the last one came out.

The first song that I really loved on this compilation was Rabbit Fur Coat by O.D Davey. It first hit me that this was a cheerful and happy song as soon as it started out. This is down to the way that they have skilfully used a xylophone and drum to create such a simple and light beat to the whole song that carries the soft spoken lyrics through the whole song. I adore how this song is sung because of how it’s done. It’s done with, what sounds like, little effort yet there is a sense of something complex about/behind it all. The way that it has around 3-4 instruments, not including vocals (I may be wrong.), that just work together so well to create a calm and chilled out vibe. My favourite part of the song is near the end at around 3:50 as the singing gets a tone deeper. This gives the song a more homely and cosy feel to it as with headphones on in both ears it sounds as if he is next to you whispering in your ears the lyrics. It’s all about how it’s presented and the way it feels like listening to a calm lake or pond in the middle of nowhere with nobody around. It’s a pretty little song.

The next song that I love from GoldFlakePaint’s The Human Noise We Sat There Making is track 9, Just Woke Up by Coastal Car. This is rather short song compared to some of the other ones on this album but still up there with the rest of my favourites. Why do I love this song? Well, stranger, that would be because the ‘base drop’ and the vocals. The ‘drop’ in light and uplifting music to the more electronic and heavyish sound is amazing. It goes from one vibe and theme to another in a literal second and I love that about is as it’s rather unexpected. Then there are the vocals. Again, like Rabbit Fur Coat, Just Woke Up has the tone that is just right. It’s not too distorted or deep yet not too high pitched and annoying to listen to for long periods of time. It’s just right but works best when you have both headphones in as it makes it sound like its being sung in your room. Its rather cool, go listen.

Now I am going to review one more song from this album as there were 18 tracks to choose from and I don’t feel like just two songs is enough. So the next song that I thought was super cool was Secrets by Animal Camera which is track 11. I like this song as it sounds like it has been recorded on a tape and then made into a digital version which I love about songs. It’s another favourite of mine. I love all of the guitar ‘solos’ in this as it gives the song the power that it needs to become the psychedelic dream that it is. The song has such an easy going pace to it which the lyrics latch on to quickly with a deep but yet distant tone to them. This only adds to the dreamy spaced out vibe this song has to it. The ending of this song is a merge of all the instruments in an organised mess with the mysterious vocals finishing it all off.

Overall this compilation is true brilliance as it gives you a such wide range of music and vibes from a variety of artists from all over the place with similar ‘motives’ behind their songs. It’s the sort of album that you could have on repeat all day and end up feeling a varied range of emotions by the end of it. Some songs make me feel chilled out and others make me feel all dreamy but there are some that make me want to go explore and find somewhere really quiet and think for a long period of time. In the end this album is what popular magazines call a ‘must for next year’. Trust me it will help you reminisce about the past, bad and good in 2016.

Buy the compilation here:

Buy O.D Davey’s album here:

Buy Coastal Car’s album here:

Buy Animal Camera’s song here:


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