The Big Moon – Singles

Hello Stranger,

This week has been rather hectic and this band has been the one to help me through it. The Big Moon! They are a recent recommendation from a close friend of mine and I really do love their songs that they have released so far. I’ve picked out two singles to review today from the three they have released. I think they are great songs to bring you back up as all of this week has been dreaded coursework week in which its all due for pre marking etc. and all of these songs have brought me back down to earth and chilled me right out. If I were to describe The Big Moon in one sentence it would have to be: a combination of soft and hard guitar with a sprinkle of something special that I can’t put my finger on. Now to the songs.

The first single that I listened to/was sent by a friend was The Road. This song starts out with a ukulele and a steady drum beat which is beautifully done but does in no way prepare you for the rest of the song. This song is full of sneaky little musical treats and a few examples of this is that there is an organ part the way through and then some epic guitar solos with some beautifully dreamy singing. This is a song that most people who love on the first listen as it literally has something for everyone in it. Do you like heavy guitar? Do you like dreamy and spaced out singing? Do you like ukuleles? If you said yes to one of these questions then plug in your headphones and turn the volume up because this song is for you my stranger! This is song is a song I could have on all day and I would not get fed up with it as every time you listen to it, it sounds a little bit different. Especially if you turn it up rather loud.

The next single that I found by The Big Moon that I love is called Nothing Without You. Now the reason why I like this song is down to the fact that it’s a bit different to The Road but still has that happy ukulele vibe to it but without the ukulele. This song reminds me of Best Coast as a whole band. Yeah I know odd but hey. Nothing Without You also has a false ending which only adds to the excitement of the song as it slowly all ends like a Lana Del Ray song with beautiful singing and then it gets back into it with the tap of a symbol. It’s a really good false ending as it builds up all the ‘tension’ in a song again and then it just ends. Over all this song is one that I would happily dance crazily round my room in and sing rather loudly too.

Overall both these singles tell me that the debut album they have planned is going to be Christmas all over again. Full of surprises, ups and downs and overall pretty sparkly. Now my favourite out of these two singles has to be The Road as I feel it show cases more of what The Big Moon can do with music and how they are going to use it in their upcoming album. I honestly can’t wait for this album it is going on the list of LOOK OUT FOR THIS. This is a real list, I can confirm. The Big Moon are a band that do what they like and make it sound great in the process. You want to put heavy guitars, ukulele’s and organs in this song? Go for it, make it work and sound awesome in the process. Ones to watch in 2016.

Listen to the singles here:


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