Oscar – Beautiful Words EP

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Oscar - Beautiful Words EP

For the whole of this week I have been in Malaysia and that meant a roughly 14 hour flight. This in turn meant that I had the opportunity to sit back and listen to some music with little distraction. So I grabbed the opportunity to listen to Oscar’s album Beautiful Words EP. This has been on my list of must review items for a while now as it was released several months back. So you could say that I am a bit late to review this but good music can sit around for a long time and still be good. This EP has all of those psychedelic dreamy sounds and beats you look for in a handmade album. I use the term handmade as it has that sort of quality to it.

The first song that I listened to first is my overall favourite on this album and that is track 1, Beautiful Words. This is because within the first 16 seconds of pressing the play button it hits you with a steady drum and violin beat which carries the song through to the last dying lyric. I love songs that have a hard beat that carry it as it adds to the character of the song and what it stands for. Oscar’s voice also adds to the story being told by this song as his voice is so soft yet so unbreakable at the same time which I feel also adds power to the Beautiful Words shaped cake. This song is also perfect for traveling/road tripping to as it has that floaty feeling to it which is so typical of Oscar and the mood he tends to go for.

The next song on this EP that I fell in love with is Stay, track 5. As soon as I listened to this song I thought Christmas because of the bells used in this song. I know it’s very stereotypically Christmassy of me to think that but hey it’s now the month of December so it’s literally round the corner. Anyway, this song is a very chilled out calming song to listen to as it has the gentle jingle of bells throughout it which I think it is quite therapeutic and unique for a song. It’s nice to hear bells in a non-Christmas based song for a change. I love the dreariness of his voice in this song as it makes each part of the song seem more predominate than the other. It is a really delightful little song to listen to as it has a certain eeriness to it yet it seems so innocent. As you can tell I love this song but it’s hard to describe my love for it. I can only try.

This album overall for me is truly a mesmerising combination of typical Oscar material. It is has the guitar, the cleverly written and performed lyrics, the nostalgic beats and creative uses of instruments. All of the above is crammed into one EP made of 5 tracks. I know this seems near impossible to achieve but if you listen to the Beautiful Words EP then you will soon understand what I mean and what on earth I’m talking about. I also feel this EP has a vintage sprinkle to it as well this I feel is down to the way Oscar sings as his voice literally sounds like chocolate in some of the songs. It’s chilled but holds within it a deeper meaning/feeling which adds to the power of the whole album. So if you like dreamy albums sung by someone who sounds like a sweet snack then be my guest and go listen to it.

Buy the album here: http://www.wichita-recordings.com/shop/products/beautiful-words-ep-download/


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