Top 5 Albums – November 2015

Hello Stranger,

This month is my favourite month of the year as it’s the end of autumn, it’s my birth month and it’s almost Christmas. As always these albums will be a combination of new and old albums. November has been an okay month as for me it’s just been full of school work and deadlines. But many magical musical things have happened such as Coldplay released the date for another album and tour combo, The Sherlock’s and The 1975 are going on tour next year and Circa Waves released a 7” boxset to die for.

5) Ed Sheeran – +

Ed Sheeran - +

This is a bit of a classic when it comes modern music classics. It is the album that made Ed Sheeran go from a name to a brand overnight back in 2001 which seems ages ago. In this album he sings about his struggles with various addictions such as drugs, alcohol and love. It’s such a powerful album to listen to and yet it seems quite light and fun to listen to as well. + is an album that you could switch on and do anything to, read, dance, cry, make dinner and it would set the mood perfectly. All of this is capable because of Ed’s mesmerizing voice and beautiful guitar skills. This combination as lead me to pick my favourite song on this album. I have chosen This. Oh how I love how simple yet powerful this song is. I sing along to it, I cry to it, I have deep and meaningful thoughts while listening to it and I can listen to it as background noise. It’s crazy how one song is capable of all of these emotions. I love the rawness of it as well as it doesn’t have any crazy electronic sounds in the background it’s just his voice, a guitar and a few drums.

4) Lana Del Ray – Honeymoon

Lana Del Ray - Honeymoon

I love this woman. She is amazing and this album is incredible. Her voice is so dreamy and smooth to listen to and it’s also most as if she is whispering poetry in my ears when I listen to her sing. The instruments compliment her so well which just helps set the insanely calming and depressing mood Lana is well known for. Where that mood is concerned she does not disappoint with this album. Only Lana Del Ray could make you feel spaced out and dreamy almost within the first bar. Don’t believe me then I think you should go listen to my favourite track on this album which I think has to be Music To Watch Boys Too. It just gets straight into the song with almost instant dreamy lyrics and vocals. It literally is like I image silk to sound like if it had a voice or a song. I love the simple beat that helps keep the whole song moving at a steady spaced out rate. I also love the spoken parts of this song as it is the icing on the song cake when artists talk in songs. I just love Lana, it’s almost an obsession.

3) Jake Bugg – Jake Bugg

Jake Bugg - Jake Bugg

This is an album I got for my birthday and was very happy with when I unwrapped it as it is an album I have been meaning to get for literally months. It is a bit different to what I would normally sway towards but it is a heartfelt album that has, again much like Ed Sheeren, that personal touch to it. As Jake in this album has a lot to sing about in the space of 14 songs and it is really cool. Jake Bugg is an album and artist that is full of ideas and sounds that are just plain creative. So I have chosen as my favourite from this album track 2, Two Fingers. I love this song as it has a steady beat to it that I love to sing to as it is easy to pick up on and I find quite relatable. In the typical Bugg style it sounds ‘handmade’ and simple yet complex. It’s the type of song that you could put on and most people would be able to sing along to after a couple of plays. It is a beautiful song sung by a beautiful artist.

2) The Wombats – The Wombats Proudly Present… This Modern Glitch

The Wombats - This Modern Glitch

The Wombats I think are a band that are so 2005 but yet so 1998 and yet so 2015. This is mainly the only way I can describe their music to you stranger even though this album is from 2011. Odd I know but that is how I can explain it in simple terms. All the songs on this album have the same or similar beats to them this can get repetitive and boring but that’s only if you listen to it on repeat for the day like I did for most of today. Other than that this album has a message to put across and oh boy does it come across well. They are literally taking modern day society and punching it square in the face with album and I absolutely love it. This is one of the reasons why I have picked the following song as my favourite, 1996. This is the first song I listened to from this album even though it is track 7 and it is what prompted me to get the whole album. It has such a strong beat and to support this strong vocals and lyrics. It’s such a catchy, messageful purposeful song. So good that it can go on repeat all day and it would not bug me one bit. Okay maybe a little but not much.

1) Wolf Alice – You’re a Germ

Wolf Alice - You're a Germ

Finally at the top of this marvellous month is Wolf Alice’s single You’re A Germ. I really love this single as it has 2 of Wolf Alice’s best songs on it, You’re A Germ and Baby Ain’t Made Of China. These songs I believe sum up this band so well as they can go from super chilled indie grunge music to the more hard core side of this music category. This also goes for their debut album that made it into my September top 5 as well. Both these songs have strong guitars in them that I feel has become a Wolf Alice staple and trademark as they do it so well and cleverly. But my favourite song in this 7” single has to be Baby Ain’t Made Of China. This is because it’s so calm and chilled out and then bursts to life with a killer drum and guitar piece. It’s so well done and suits the grungy no cares mood so well. I also love in this song the shouting out of the lyrics in the chorus as it adds to the emphasis on the emotion in the song. Beautiful.

Look and Listen to the albums here:

Ed Sheeran – + :

Lana Del Ray – Honeymoon:

Jake Bugg – Jake Bugg:

 The Wombats – The Wombats Proudly Present… This Modern Glitch:

Wolf Alice – You’re a Germ:*/Music/You-re-A-Germ-7/4VR5063T000


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  1. Hi,
    I’ve recently started up my new blog here on WordPress ( of which you might be interested in. (I’m an absolutely huge wolf Alice fan!) It’s inspired by NME, working class and English bands; alongside the Manchester scene. Great read by the way:)x


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