Bruising – Emo Friends/Honey

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Bruising - Emo Friends Honey

This week hasn’t been the best week as my iTunes has broken and so has my sound on my laptop so I have to do this review using my phone which is a bit of a pain. But it will do. The weather hasn’t been the best ether so I thought it’s time to crack out this fabulous album to help me wake up a bit and be a bit more happy. This week’s review is a 7” single called Emo Friends/Honey by Bruising. It comes out on the 20th so this Friday and I would love to get it but I currently have very little money even though it is a very good price for such sweet music. This is another one of those go to singles take a listen as you read and let the review begin:

The song on the A side of this single is called Emo Friends and I first listened to this on Fresh Juice which is a Monday night radio show. I thought this is a song and group that I definitely need to look into. So after the show I downloaded the songs and I have had them on repeat, more or less, all of the past week. Emo Friends is such a driving song and what I mean by that is the fact that it has such an easy rhythm to listen to and nod along too as well. This easy going rhythm has some beautiful lyrics to go along with it which adds to the oar of the song and what it means to the average listener. My favourite part of this song is where you think it’s going to end and then the guitar just takes the song away and then the whole momentum of the song is then built up again. This I feel adds a bit of edge to a deceivingly sweet song and gives it a kick.

The B side of this single is Honey and this is also a calm and collected song, lyrically anyway as the whole style of this band is producing sweet sweet tunes that are both calming and not. Confusing as it may sound if you listen to Honey then I am sure you will understand what I mean by this. It’s a song that I could sit and chill too and not worry about a thing. Now I love the guitar a lot in this song as it as that Peace and Wolf Alice type twang to it. The whole distressed guitar sound is amazing and fits so well with Bruising’s overall message in this song and in Emo Friends as well for that matter. It wraps the whole song up in a neat ish bow ready for the next person to listen to.

Overall I think that this set of singles is pretty darn fabulous and so beautiful to listen to. Both these singles have their own unique edge to themselves and that is what I love about Bruising. They are so different in how they put their message across that it is more or less poetry with some amazing guitar skills in the background. Out of the two singles on this single I would have to say that Emo Friends is my favourite because of the part where it ends and then it doesn’t. I love it as it fools you into thinking that the song has ended when it hasn’t. False endings are one of my favourite things about music in general I would say. So Bruising are a band signed to Beech Coma Records which is a fabulous record company on which you can get the limited edition 7” Emo Friends/Honey singles. Go take a peak.

Listen to the album here:

Get the 7″ here:


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