Viola Beach – Singles

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Viola Beach - Swings & Waterslides

For those of you who are missing summer like a right arm, this is the band for you my friend; Viola Beach. Viola Beach are from Warrington in the UK and are a fun loving happy go lucky fist in the air type of band with those types of vibes. To me they are a perfect group for any Circa Waves or Best Coasts fans. This is down to their upbeat guitar and drums combinations that give them the instant label of ‘road trip music’. It is also down to the vocals and how loosely they are sung and how effective and flowing it sounds when put with the main song. They are like the icing on the cake when this band bakes a song.

Now because Viola Beach doesn’t have a full album out I am going to review both of their singles that they have out at the moment. Not tradition I know but change is good! The first single I am going to go over is my favourite out of the two which is Swings & Waterslides. This is the song that led me on the path to finding the other song. It is so simple yet so complex in sound and meaning. It has the constant electronic guitar side to it which gives the song the edge I feel that ties it up beautifully. It sort of holds it all together in a neat bow. My favourite part of the song has to be the chorus part when it’s sung and then shouted out as a backing. I just think that all songs that have that type of ‘shouting’ in them would be amazing live. That audience interaction in the song and the fact that the lyrics are quite catchy make this band one to watch out for. Very clever, yet simple.

The next song is called Cherry Vimto and oh how the sounds created in this song are truly magical. The way the vocals blend in with the drums and guitar is just pure beauty and is something that I think only works well with certain bands. So Viola Beach did well to pull it off and include another favourite musical thing that artists do with is slow everything right down to just a steady beat with a slight strum. This is done about ¾ of the way through the song and is done, like the lyrics, so well. To have all of this musicalness (not a technical term) I one song is pretty amazing. It’s such a powerful song with an unexpected finish to what you would think it is. I also love the lyrics as well as it is all about people who are keepers. The type of people who you just know will always be there and support you all the way even through at some points you don’t know why your friends with them. There is also one lyric in this song that stands out a lot for me; ‘There’s a new story every time I look into your eyes’. It’s such a beautiful lyric about how your body sometimes speaks for you.

Overall the singles I found are genuinely fabulous! They are something that need to be listened to by all fans of music with meaning and fun in them. As that is precisely what Viola Beach are making music for, fun and meaning. Both these songs are, I believe, the perfect taster for any album in the future they release, as I feel they have the capabilities and audience to be able to make an album and it go somewhere and mean something to someone. I would defiantly be one of those people. Viola Beach’s music is hyped up beach sounds with a modern twist to it and a dollop of indie alternative. Truly marvellous!

Listen to the album here:


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