Top 5 Albums – October 2015

Hello Stranger,

Halloween month has almost come to an end as it is now the last Wednesday of this month. As always these albums will be a combination of new and old albums. October has been a musically magical month with cassette store day on the 17th, Wolf Alice announced a UK tour and a lot of big named musicians/bands are now taking breaks because Adele came back just by saying, hello. Crazy month, right?

5) Status Quo – 12 Gold Bars

12 Gold Bars - Status Quo

This is the first band I saw live and it was incredible as at 11 years old for me, to be able to say that I had seen Status Quo made most teachers jealous and young kids give me blank faces. As most of their first live bands where along the lines of Justin Bieber or JLS but I am among them as well as the second band I saw live was The Wanted. So when I was in the charity shop and saw this record it brought back many memories and I had to get it. It is a classic record to have as it has most of the best Quo songs on it. Caroline, Down Down and Roll Over Lay Down. But the best song and my favourite has to be Rockin’ All Over The World. It is a no nonsense song that gets straight into it all. It has the strong guitar and easy lyrics that Quo are now well known for and that just makes it a classic in my and pretty much every other Quo fans eyes. This has to be one of the best £1’s I have ever spent so far.

4) Frontyards – Summer Jawn

Frontyards - Summer Jawn

Frontyards are a band I didn’t know I needed in my life. Until I forgot, even though I love it, how cold autumn is. How can seasons relate to music? Well Frontyards are a summery band and have the warming feeling that summer gives you. So after I did the review earlier this month on one of their albums I went and bought another. This is what they call ‘Friends with bands putting an album together. Kind of like a split but we made an album instead of threw a couple songs together.’ type of album. I really like albums that are made up of a few bands that all know each other and get along, as it’s sort of like listen to a friend’s music because you know a guy. It’s a variety of friends making a variety music and for me in this mix up of variety the songs is my favourite is the last track, Nobody Loves Me Anymore by Wasted America. This is down to its sweet and basic tune that has a trumpet and some interesting rhythm shake ups in the last quarter of the song. Songs like this one that have 2 different rhythms in them show how creative and free you can be with music.

3) Big Zero – Unknown Album (Girl Talk (Single))

Big Zero - Girls Talk

Instead of apologising for, again, picking a single to go in the top 5 albums I am just going to roll with it. Big Zero is another band who followed me and I checked out. They are a smallish band from London who describe themselves as ‘Three musicians from a no-name town, fed up with listening to the music being played on the radio came together to form a band.’ I couldn’t agree with them more as I am not a big fan of popular music. They make music around the genres of new wave punk rock and it’s quite clear they are trying to break the moulds of modern music with this song. Girls Talk is a straight to the point song with that classic 90s psychedelic vibe and repetitive lyrics sung in a way that will make them stick in your head for at least a few days. Yet it’s a song that I feel has some vibes from different bands like Bowling For Soup. I can’t wait for a full length LP from these guys. It’s something that will ‘challenge the music genres’ and be fun and punky.

2) Mumford & Sons – Sigh No More

Mumford and Sons- Sigh No More

Now this is a band that I wouldn’t normally listen to if I got to pick. This is band that was kind of introduced to me by a newly formed friend. I was having the music conversation with said newly formed friend and the first thing I asked was what genres of music they like and they said folk. Now I seized the opportunity to learn as much as I could about what type of folk music there was and what their favourites where. I didn’t really know most of them but then Mumford & Sons came up in the conversation and I know them. They said how they preferred the older stuff to the newer and how it was all still great none the less. So I thought I would give them a listen. They are my new found love for this month by far. I have been listening to the album Sigh No More all month on and off. It’s fabulous. My favourite song from this album was so difficult to pick because all the songs have beautiful lyrics and beats that make you want to get up and dance with the stranger next to you. So it has to be Dust Bowl Dance and that is down to how classically Mumford & Sons it sounds to start with and then the sudden change to some heavy guitar. It makes you think that the song suddenly skipped and you’re listening to some unfound material from Royal Blood. They are clever with their instruments like that and it’s very beautifully done.

1) Orchid Mantis – Mystery Zones

Orchid Mantis - Mystery Zones

This month’s top album is by an amazing artist, Orchid Mantis. This album has only been out for a few weeks as it was released on 16th October. He made this album with samples in mind ‘I’d wanted to make something almost entirely sample-based.’ This idea has meant that something peaceful and beautiful has been created. Mystery Zones is an album that you can only get the full effect from if you are travelling. This is down to the dream and spacey like qualities that the album has in it. This LP offers a lot in the way of sounds and emotions as it can go from easy listening music that you can relax to, all the way to distorted piano. Orchid Mantis does have a way with music and manipulating sounds and feelings to set the right tone to not just a song but a whole album. One of my favourite songs on this LP is Repeating Hallways. It has a beautifully steady beat to it the whole way through with gentle transition to lightly played piano in an oriental style. These are such contrasting sounds yet they work so well and easily with one another. Truly beautiful.

Buy the albums here:

Status Quo – 12 Gold Bars:

Frontyards – Summer Jawn:

Big Zero – Girls Talk:

Mumford & Sons – Sigh No More:*/Music/Sigh-No-More-Standard-CD-Album/0OL304R3000

Orchid Mantis – Mystery Zones:


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