Front Yards – People That Look Like Their Pets

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Front Yards - People That Look Like Their Pets

What do you think about when I say Front Yards? Because I can predict that it is something along the lines of soft green pastures and not the band. The band in question goes by the name of Front Yards and that is who I am going to be talking to you about today. They are soft sounding like green pastures but that is about as much as they have in common with one another. This is a band I found whist looking at some tape labels, as on Saturday it was Cassette Store Day and I was looking in on some independent tape labels. On my many searches I came across Third Floor Tapes. I was looking through their music on Bandcamp and found Front Yards. I played a few of their songs and realised it was a band I had heard of before and just never got round to buying their music. So here we are now.

The first song that stuck out for me is track 2 When You’re Gone. This is a song that I believe sounds like a last dance type of song. The final hurrah when the couple finally get together at the end of the film and do something romantic. This is down to the slow guitar and how sadly it is played. Although this song does take sudden turns as the beat picks up and the song goes on like this. It is a really happy song with two different beats. I have this image of people slow dancing to the slow drums and guitar and then suddenly picking up the pace into a jive type dance. Lyrically this song is all about knowing what a person is like and what they do around different people. It’s a very sweet song about someone remembering someone when they are not there. It’s so simply written that the message in the song is very clear and the music, especially the keyboard gives the song a bit more power. When You’re Gone is a song that I could listen to over and over again as it has that rhythm that you could never get bored of.

The next song that stood out for me was ¿Adonde Vas? which is track 3 on this album. This song title is Spanish and means Where are you going? I remembered that from my lack of Spanish GCSE knowledge. This song is an amazing song for a guitar and keyboard combination. Especially at about 1 minute into the song when the guitar gets pretty much all of the song and has a small jamming session. This part of the song is my favourite as it is done so well and it seems effortless. This song is literally about where someone is going and what they are doing. Simple message but it’s very effective. As this song, like quite a few of theirs, has a dreamy like quality to it which makes it seem all floaty. This song also has that fast pace start to it and then breaks off into slower parts like When You’re Gone does but not as dramatic as that. It’s more of a slower transition which I quite like as it keeps with the softness in the song.

Overall this album is one for all music collections especially if you like dreamy almost psychedelic alternative indie music with crazy lyrics. It’s a really relaxing album due to the amazing guitar and keyboard combinations with floaty lyrics. It works so well throughout the album and in not one of the songs on the album is this ‘theme’ forgotten or left out. There is always a bit of a dreamy element to each song. This I feel is Front Yards ‘trademark’ if you will. All the indie lyrics and chilled out drum beats. This is one of those bands you know will keep on releasing these dreamy songs that will just keep getting better and better. Ones to watch, I believe.

Buy the album here:

Also available as a tape:


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