Orchid Mantis – Hessdalen Light

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This week I am going to be reviewing:

Orchid Mantis – Hessdalen Light

Orchid Mantis - Hessdalen Light

Now I am a recently new found big fan of a Monday night radio show called Fresh Juice. Owen from Pond blog was on there last week and I love his work so I thought I’d take a listen and now Mondays, to me, don’t feel the same without it. On the show they have music from literally everywhere, from Japan to Spain to the Great Britain herself. I love this diversity in the show and this is how I came to find, Orchid Mantis. One of their songs was played on 12/10/15 (Monday just gone) called Give Up The Day and I thought it was so relaxing. As soon as the show finished I went and found the album this song belongs to and bought it. I would recommend you do the same.

The first track I am going to go through is number 2, Give Up The Day. The reason why I love this song to the point where I bought the album that it’s from is because of the way it has been sung and recorded. This has been done in a retro style to make it sound distorted and older than it is. I love this way of making music because I feel it just makes the sound better and adds more character to the song. Especially in this song as it brings out the keyboard and drums more which makes the story being told just that little but more exciting. Also with the guitar solo towards the end it adds more depth to the song. Now when it comes down to meaning of this song I think it’s about forgetting what you know about yourself and embracing life. You need to let go of your feelings and try and work out what life means to you and those around you. This song is also about escaping from the hustle of life as it is everywhere. From the roads outside to the device next to you. It is hard to escape but worth it once you do.

This next track I really love is called Old Stars (Reoccurring) and it is the final track, 11, on this album. I think this song is so beautiful and simple. Yet it has something about it that makes it stand out more than the other songs on the album. I think it’s the laid back feeling I get from this song and how it has more of an acoustic tone to it. It’s the way the guitar comes in gently and almost holds you until it makes you feel laid back and stress free. From a lyrical point of view this song has such a deep meaning to it. It’s about the past and how whatever they tell you that the past will always stay with you even if it’s good or bad; it makes no difference. It’s about waiting for things from the past coming up into the future and ruining it or making it better. It’s different for everyone. No matter what you do now you will look back on it and wonder if what you are doing now was worth it. if it was time well spent or time that was wasted fretting around.

Overall this album is magic. It takes you on a roller coaster of both emotions and life decisions. It almost forces you to look at life from different perspectives and see if the life you are living now is something you will be happy with in the next few years when you look back on it. This goes along with the almost psychedelic vintage sounding instruments that seem to stick with you long after you have listen to the album. They are so simple yet so powerfully used and played. To go with this is the amazing singing that could send you off to sleep if you blinked for too long. The singing is so smooth and dreamy like that it slots into the music like the last puzzle piece. The way he sings is perfect for the tone and characters being portrayed throughout the album. I would honestly buy all of the albums Orchid Mantis has available and give on to every stranger because this album is one that is easy dreamy listening.

Buy the album here: http://orchid-mantis.bandcamp.com/album/hessdalen-light


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