SoKo – My Dreams Dictate My Reality

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SoKo – My Dreams Dictate My Reality

SoKo - My Dreams Dictate My Reality

This album is one I found whilst watching Helen Anderson do her September favourite video. I trust Helen to know what a good music taste is so I thought I’d give SoKo a listen. The song I listened to first was Bad Poetry and I instantly thought ‘Why haven’t I heard of SoKo before? How is it that only now I have found her?’ Listening to this album for the first time was such an amazing, I hate saying this but here we go anyway, journey for my ears. This album is very floaty and meaningful at the same time. It’s perfect for intense listening, slow dancing or sitting there and embracing the beauty that is this album.

The first track I feel in love with on this album was the 5th song on this fabulous album, Bad Poetry. I knew this song was going to one of the best ones on the album as soon as it started up. The sound of a drum beat in the first few seconds sound distorted and gave me a vintage type of vibe for this song and I was right. Then the guitar comes in with its dreamy sounds that could pick you up and take you to your happy place. Then SoKo’s voice came in and it is the icing on this cloud like cake. Now lyrically this song talks about being bad at loving and using poetry to make yourself seem better then you are. Nobody is perfect at loving or being romantic, it’s just some are better at it than others. The last singing parts of this song are in SoKo’s native language of French. I absolutely love this because it makes a song different and stand out. Oh and when you translate it, it is a love poem. It’s so beautifully written and so perfectly placed with in the song. It also fits the theme of the song as well of how love is like poetry. Ether it works or it doesn’t, simple I guest.

My other favourite song on this wondrous album is I Come In Peace and this is track 1. I think this song is great as it starts out with a Peace type of vibe with the guitar and then the way that SoKo sings brings a The Neighbourhood vibe to the song. All of these vibes make an overall vibe of a song that’s chilled out and yet still powerful. I Come In Peace is also a very relaxing song because of how dreamy and beautiful SoKo’s voice is. It just adds, again, to the whole vibe of the song and the message she is trying to get across to the listener. This brings me on to talk about what this song is all about. SoKo sings about how people have the potential to be heroes no matter what, but they don’t realise it. People make other people stronger and happier when they are with each other, so when they are separated they feel helpless and lost. This is a topic that isn’t very widely covered by musicians and I feel has been done perfectly in this song. SoKos way with words is amazing and the way she writes music is like poetry. It’s beautiful to listen.

Overall this album in some ways feels personal to me as it takes subject and things that have happened to me and turned them into something beautiful. It truly fascinates me how magically and dreamy these topics can sound and look like when read. SoKo is one of those artists that I feel needs to be listened to by everyone at least once in their lifetimes. The way she presents her feelings through her music is something that even the most talented artists in this industry can’t achieve to the degree of perfectness that SoKo does. She is an inspiration in the way she writes her songs and how her songs sound. SoKo is now a firm favourite of mine and I have a feeling will be for a long, long time. I might even get this album on vinyl its that good.

P.S. Love the name of the album!

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