Top 5 Albums – September 2015

Hello Stranger,

This week I am going to be talking about my top 5 albums of September.

These albums will be a combination of new and old albums. This month has been a bit hectic getting back into school and now being really really ill with a cold. So this month’s albums are more or less my way of expressing my feelings throughout this month. Enjoy my emotions:

Budada - Blackpeppercowboybones

5) Budada – Blackpeppercowboybone*

Ah Budada, an amazing band full of really lovely people. I recently did a review of Budada’s latest EP Scum Rises To The Top and they so kindly sent me this album along with one of their firsts, City of Workers. I love this album because of the mixed vibes it has and how well different musical genres have been merged together to create one beautiful sound. Their music on this album is a mix between alternative rock and indie and is really well put together. I am so glad that I found this band because they are the go to music I listen to when I don’t know what to listen to because they simply tick all the boxes. My favourite song from this album is Jonezing From Birth even though Oh! Schrödinger was very very close. I really love this song because it has the perfect balance between chilled and alternative. This is a song I would use to sum up my music tastes to a friend because it literally is what I listen to in a song. It’s has such a gentle rhythm yet still has the edginess which I believe makes a Budada song a Budada song.

Mac DeMarco – Salad Days

4) Mac DeMarco – Salad Days

I can’t remember where I got this album or when or how, or anything to be honest. I just know that it’s how I have been relaxing after a stressful or sick filled day and they have been more common this month than I would have liked. This album is perfect for pretty much anything, walking, revising, reading or even writing reviews to, if that’s what you’re into. It reminds me of some of the later Beatles music and some of Little Daylights music as well. All of his songs seem to have a gentle beat that is in some ways reassuring to listen to. My favourite song on this album is the first one I fell in love with even though I do love Blue Boy. The song that is my favourite is Salad Days itself. Not the whole album, just the first track. It’s a soft song that could literally send you off to sleep it’s so beautiful to listen to. It’s got the steady beat from the drums, the dreamy voice of Mac and the plucky guitar that steers you through the song right until the end. It’s the type of song that you could have on repeat and not notice until someone spoke to you. It’s truly soothing to your ears.

JAWS - What We Haven’t Got Yet

3) Jaws – Unknown Album (What We Haven’t Got Yet (Single))

Now I know this is technically against the rules of top 5 ‘albums’ of the month but I loved this song so much that I have to put it and its unknown album into this list because its is what I have been listening to this month. This single is called What We Haven’t Got Yet and I absolutely love it. I first fell in love with this band when I found them in the suggestion bar of Soundcloud. This then led me to their website and thus to downloading the free single they have on there currently Holy Cat. I really loved this song so I have been keeping an eye out for some new material for the past few months and along came this single. This I feel is best summed up by blending Holy Cat, a bit of Catfish and Coast with a pinch of Circa Waves. It’s a amazing song to listen to because its one with a very strong guitar section which gives the song more power to manipulate the lyrics into something unique. I also love the solos in this song because they are very powerful and done with meaning. I really love it when bands do that. It makes songs more personal.

Wolf Alice - My Love Is Cool

2) Wolf Alice – My Love Is Cool

Ah Wolf Alice. The talk of the moment. The band of the year. The band that I have only just come across. Yeah I’m slow on the band wagon. I found this album because I was doing my annual magazine clear out and an advert for it what on the back of it. I was also recommended this band by a friend so this find only pushed me on further. This album has an alternative, indie and grunge vibe to it. This type of music is something that I love and need more of because it’s both calming to listen to and can motive you to go get the world in a more ‘hard core’ type of way. My favourite song on this album has to be the one and only, song of now: You’re a Germ. I love showing people this songs music video because of how crazy and cool it is. You never know it could happen to you! This song feels so 90s but I know it’s not the vibe it has. It’s more of the grungy side of Wolf Alice which I absolutely love. It’s got the hard guitar, whispered lyrics and ever intense drums. It’s that sort of build-up on a song that makes it an epic one.

Hey Violet - I Can Feel It EP

1) Hey Violet – I Can Feel It EP

At the top of the tree this month is the EP that can get you through any sticky situation. I Can Feel It is Hey Violets latest EP with a kick life in the you know what’s attitude it is an EP that will make you want to get up and go places and break the rules with your friends. This month has already seen me do a review for this album so go check that out for more on what I think about this EP. Spoiler it’s pretty great. My favourite song on this roller coaster of an album is the title, I Can Feel It. This is possibly the best song to start out this album on the powerful journey that is this EP. It’s the sort of song that would say, if it could speak, “I’ve got adventures to go on, get out of my face”. I talked about this in my review of this album. I love the drums in this song and how it carries the song along like the sea would do for a ship. The lyrics are in said ship along with the amazing guitar and bass to make an awesome ship for adventure and freedom.

Buy the albums here:

Budada – Blackpeppercowboybone:

Mac DeMarco – Salad Days:

Jaws – Unknown Album (What We Haven’t Got Yet (Single)):

Wolf Alice – My Love Is Cool:

Hey Violet – I Can Feel It EP:


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