Budada – Scum Rises To The Top EP

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Budada – Scum Rises To The Top EP

Budada – Scum Rises To The Top EPThis album was found by me on Noisetrade as I really needed some more Wolf Alice type bands to listen to and this band and album is what came up. I can completely understand why. This band has that type of vibe about them and I really do love it. They are the sort of band that come under many genre umbrellas which I think it is great because being diverse when it comes to your musical vibes makes your music all the more unique and special. Well I can tell you now, this band made up the word unique.

The first track I really love on this album is Mainshock which is also the literal first track on this EP. I really like this song because right from the start it tricks you into thinking it’s one type of song whereas, it is in fact a whole combination of song types. It starts out all deep and bassey then at 20 seconds in the whole mood changes to fast paced guitar. It’s amazing to listen to how it all flows into one another to create this unique sound. I also really love the way it’s sung because I can get a sense of vintage and retro about the tone. It’s like a Box Of Light and Fleetwood Mac type of tone and I’m really liking it. Lyrically this song is about how some things need to be put on the line so you can get what you want or who you want. It’s all about taking risks to find out what needs to be done. Trying to find the confidence to put everything on the line in the first place is a task in itself. But hey, somethings are worth the risk.

My next favourite track on this album is She Ain’t Blue. As soon as the guitar instantly started up I knew this was going to be an epic song. There is literally no fussing around with this song. It’s a get in there and get it done type of song. They way this song just stops at the end is again is epic because it all builds up again and then just stops. Not kind on the ears but it’s still a classic move. I also love the way the whole rhythm of the song stops to let the lyrics have a fuller effect on the listener. It makes you focus on the meaning behind the song more and appreciate it more. Now speaking of lyrics this song is about seeing someone with someone you love and looking at how they don’t seem to match up. It also talks about how moving around to different people every now and then can be a pain but in some cases it’s a necessity to do so. In most cases these types of topics come hand in hand and can be a really big pain physically and emotionally. You mostly have to just get on a deal with it or you could get in there and mess everything up as it is true what they say, you do only live once.

My overall opinion of this album is that it is loud, quiet and very in your face. It’s the sort of EP that you could listen to in any mood and yet still has an overall theme of love loss and just doing the things you love to do. It’s a very good combination to have in an EP and they have done it very well. Budada seem to have a very set idea of what they want to give to the world and be remembered for. It’s great to see a band like this as most are all over the place with their ideas. This band is a combination of Wolf Alice and Paramore I would say. This is because they have the indie grunge vibes in some songs and in others they are like some of Paramores interludes, with all the happy go lucky vibes. This is a band that have far to go and I feel they know it as well. Also I would just like to show appreciation of the album artwork and managing to put a sand person from Star Wars on the front album artwork. It’s very cleverly done. Go look at it. Oh and take a listen too.

Buy the album here: https://budada.bandcamp.com/album/scum-rises-to-the-top-ep


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