Hey Violet – I Can Feel It EP

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Hey Violet – I Can Feel It EP

Hey Violet - I Can Feel It EPI first heard about this band/saw them in a news article about an awards ceremony. I can’t remember which one but they were defiantly there. The article was about what everybody was wearing on the night as I was interested into seeing who was there etc. At first I just saw them as another young band who I may like but most likely won’t, so I left it a few days. I then came back to the article to look at Nia’s hairstyle because I am looking to grow my hair out. So I thought if I liked her hair and the vibe, clothing wise, they had why not take a listen. The first song I listened to by them was the most viewed on YouTube because I had honestly no idea where to start with this band. So I listened to This Is Why and I instantly fell in love with them. I guess it was true love at first listen.

The first track I listened to on this EP was the literal first track as well. I Can Feel It. I love this song because of the instant beat you get when you press the play button. There is literally no hanging around with this song. The way it just makes you want to jump up and scream the lyrics from the top of your voice and dance around. It’s such a catchy yet power song. It’s really good to nod your head to as well. This song has great drums and guitar that accompany the lyrics and vibe they are all about so well. Lyrically this song is about dreams and not being really plain. It’s about how you can call up whoever you want and go do something amazing with them. You could dance all night if you wanted to. The possibilities are endless. This song also is about seizing an opportunity when it comes to your door. Like, as they say in the song, waiting to phone someone up that you really really like. It’s just something that has to be done. You should just go for it no matter what. If you feel its right then, go for it. You know, if you’re feeling what I’m feeling.

Picking my second favourite song on this EP was really hard. I listened to this album for most of today to try and help me decide on what song I loved the most. Truth is they are all great. So I picked one that has an especially good beat to it. Smash Into You. This is the second song on this EP and I love how again it just gets straight to the point as soon as you press the triangle. When you play this song, the first thing you notice is the vocals and how it starts off. Not many songs start with vocals first and I really love that. It makes it seem more authentic to the band. Now when it comes to the lyrics to this head banging tune it literally is hitting you where it hurts, because this song is about making yourself known. If you want to be known you have to work for it in this day in age. So you have to try new things and experiment and just live life as if everything is exciting. When it’s not, you need to think about what exciting things will come in the future after you have finished. Smash into people like it’s the only way you know how.

Overall this album is amazing and I can’t wait for more from this band. I will defiantly be buying their next full album because to me EP’s are literal tasters to what a band have coming up next and I am rather excited. All of the songs on this album are power hungry and I love that; how it all somehow links together to form this epic collection of songs and story’s. It’s all very clever. I also really love the vibe this band has as well. How they all seem to just bounce off each other when I watch the music videos and how they all work their personalities into what they do, and how they use the instruments they play to express themselves. They remind me of a cross between Paramore and We Are The In Crowd. That sort of live life and don’t let anything hold you back type of vibe. It’s a good vibe to listen to. Not so good to revise or do homework to. But epic for anything else.

Buy the album here: https://shop.virginemi.com/heyviolet/*/*/I-Can-Feel-It-CD/4R8K0000000


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