Coasts – A Rush Of Blood EP

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Coasts – A Rush Of Blood EP

Coasts - A Rush Of Blood EPIt’s a new month and that means fresh tunes are being made ready for release soon. Coasts is one of these bands who have already finished making their album for the winter and are just waiting on that release date. I was introduced to this band by a friend. They sent me the song A Rush Of Blood because they knew how much I love Coldplay and they thought this would be a good song to listen to. Partly because the title is Coldplay based in some form or another. I rather liked the song so got the EP it originally came from and then realised that they were realising their debut album very soon this month. So while we wait for that piece of artwork here is my thought of the EP.

So the first song I love from this EP is A Rush Of Blood which is track one. It was the first song I listened to from this band. My first thoughts when I first listened to it were how inspiring the instruments make the whole song sound. I really love how it all comes together to make a ‘you can do it’ vibe. You can only really get this vibe if you don’t listen intently to the lyrics because they tell a whole different tale. I like it when a band does that because it’s almost tricking the listener into thinking that the song is about something whereas the song is about something completely different. Happy instruments, sad lyrics. Speaking of lyrics this song, lyrically, is about depending on someone as if you literally couldn’t live without them. The ‘rush of blood to the head’ part of the song talks about the rush you get when this happens. Everything feels odd when you’re upside down but yet exciting at the same time. It’s a really odd feeling but yet it makes sense. They also talk about needing someone like you need air. The exact lyric is ‘Put the beat in my heart, the words in my mouth’. It’s poetic in a way as a person can do that to another person if you click, just like that.

The next song that I really like from this album is Wash Away, track 3. It’s a really catchy, fast pace and deep song. It’s a very simple song yet, I feel, it has a very small sinister feel to it. Almost as if there is some sort of hidden meaning to the whole thing. It does have high point and low points like any song does but they seem more like an expected sudden high or low. It’s quite hard to describe. I love the instruments in this song and how the guitar makes the song seem like a river carrying the whole song along structurally. The lyrics of this song are rather strange. They range from ‘Like an orange peel’ to ‘You need a love that won’t go’. Out of context they sound rather odd but in context they work quite well. The message in this song is how a person can look so happy yet be so lonely. The outside emotions don’t represent the inside emotions. And this is why this song is really remarkable. This band takes a subject and turns it into a catchy song with hidden meanings. It’s rather clever

Over all this EP is a mere sampler to what it going to be on Coasts first full length album. So if you can’t wait till the 25th September then do what I did and go and get this EP because some of the songs on the new album are on this EP as well. I quite like it when bands do this. Make load of EP’s and singles then bring them all together in one mega CD. It helps you decide if you want the album or not and it gives you a rough an idea of what the vibe of the album is going to be. This vibe for this album is really deep but exciting to listen to. It’s one of those themes/vibes you can’t put your finger on. I really love it.

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