Top 5 Albums – August 2015

Hello Stranger,

This week I am going to be talking about my top 5 albums of August.

These albums will be a combination of new and old albums. This month’s musical tastes are pretty much in the same genre. There are some classics and some new ones and something a little different. So kick back, relax and brew up your favourite hot beverage because it’s the end of the month:

Blondie - Parallel Lines5) Blondie – Parallel Lines

I recently bought this album in HMV because I realised that I only had singular songs by Blondie and no complete albums. I really like this album. It’s one of the classics and I think a lot of people would agree with me on that one. This album has loads of fun and dancey songs on it. Everything from Heart Of Glass to One Way Or Another. One Direction ruined that song so much. Parallel Lines is an album that I believe everyone should have in their music collection no matter what. I would absolutely love to have this album on vinyl but I am yet to find it. My favourite song from this album is Hanging On The Telephone. I love this song because it talks about waiting for someone to call you back. Everybody has been there literally wait for a call that never comes. Whether it be your boss, your parents or you’re long lost lover. Waiting for the telephone is a pain. This song also has great guitar solos in it and amazing drums. It’s just an all-round awesome song that has wonderful lyrics and perfect singing. Come on, who doesn’t love Blondie?

Rod Stewart - Some Guys Have All The Luck4) Rod Stewart – Some Guys Have All The Luck

I bought this album in HMV with Parallel Lines for the same reason. I know its outrageous not to have any Rod Stewart at all in my music collection; but now that issue has been fixed with this wonderful album. I did want to get a best of album for Rod Stewart but this album has pretty much all of the best songs on it already. This album is so awesome it literally goes from rock classics to calmed out country songs that make you want to just lay back and look at the clouds. Also each song is about something personal to Rod and I really love it when an artist does that with such power and thought. My favourite song on this album was so hard to pick. I am in no way joking I was contemplating over this for about half an hour. So it has to be Do You Think I’m Sexy. There are many reasons why I picked this song over my other favourites on this album. One of them is because it’s the first Rod Stewart song I can ever recall listening to. Another reason is that I know most of the words to it. This is such a fun song. It just makes me smile listening to it. It’s one of my go to songs to listen to when I’m sad. Honestly this album has all the Stewart you need in your life and more.

Peace - Happy People3) Peace – Happy People

I have had this album digitally for ages. Ever since it came out really, so I thought it was about time I got the hard copy from HMV because it was an excellent price. Peace is an amazing band. No doubt about it. This album just proves it. It is honestly some of their best work to date all in one place. Each song talks about a subject and that’s really clear in their music style. They love to sing about both fun and serious subjects. Some of those are over commercialization and others are about the idles of our current society; and the fact that people have to look a certain way in order to be socially appreciated. It’s a mess we created. My favourite song on this album was again hard to pick but I managed to end up picking: I’m A Girl. This was a hard decision to come to but I feel this song has the right balance of messages and awesome music. It has great guitar in it that just starts off the whole song on an amazing high. You know it’s going to be an epic song. This song is about how society has picked out an ideal for men. It’s how they ‘need’ to be macho and strong and not in any way weak. I hate this. But this song sums it up perfectly so instead of me ranting go listen to it.

Space Jam Soundtrack2) Space Jam Soundtrack

Number 2 is mainly because I watch it a few weeks back and realised that it was really awesome to listen to. I don’t have this album has a hard copy and I really need to have it as at the moment I have been listening to it pretty much non-stop. It’s such a pumped up album full of great tracks from thought out the film. I challenge anybody to try and not dance to this album. I would struggle so much not to dance to some of the 90’s best rap songs. My favourite song on this album has to be the one and only official soundtrack: Space Jam. This is such a good song. It’s a song that everyone who had an amazing childhood in the 90’s will instantly relate too. It’s a song that made watching cartoons cool again. I mean who doesn’t love awesome songs and cartoons at the same time. I also used to train for basketball listening to this song which makes this even cheesier.

Don Broco - Automatic1) Don Broco – Automatic

First place this month is the almighty album of the summer and now the top album of august on my list. It’s the almighty Don Broco! I absolutely love this band. So much so I have a t-shirt of theirs and I have seen them live on Kerrang tour. They were absolutely amazing. They are a band I would defiantly recommend to anyone to go see live they are truly astounding. Broco get the crowd going and they know what songs work live and what don’t. I was lucky enough to hear their new track Fire from this album in February because they played it live. I knew as soon as they had finished that song this album was going to be as good as their last one. My favourite song on this almighty album has to be Money, Power, Fame. There are loads of really good songs on this album but this one has to be the best. It’s so power heavy and I love it. The beginning is just to die for. Its all calm and then boom out of nowhere the guitar! The guitar and the drums combination are so perfect! This is my favourite part of this song by far. This song sums up what Broco do best. Power, heavy and loud. They are back for good.

Buy the albums here:

Blondie – Parallel Lines:

Rod Stewart – Some Guys Have All The Luck:

Peace – Happy People:

Space Jam Soundtrack:

Don Broco – Automatic:


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