Prides – The Way Back Up

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Prides – The Way Back Up

Prides - The Way Back UpI first saw/heard this band when I watched the opening ceremony for the commonwealth games in Scotland back in 2014 on TV. This seems like a really really long time ago now. Prides came on to do their set and the song they played was Messiah. I instantly fell in love with this band. The whole set was amazing to listen to and watch. It just made the whole crowd come to life and the dancing around them was amazing as well. So as soon as the next day came I downloaded that song and thus my love for Prides began. So when I heard they had a new debut album I simply had to take a look.

So my first favourite track from this album has to be, Messiah. I just love this song. Its techno piano, it’s seemingly over enthusiastic drums and fantastic lyrics and vocals. The whole song works so well and with everything complimenting one another it just sounds like clockwork. The way the song is sung is also amazing. As it just sounds like a chant, or a crowd of people getting behind one cause. I really love that in songs because it just brings the whole band community together in some way; I really love that about this song. Now lyrically this song is about love and learning to love yourself no matter what. It’s about wanting to be loved. To know what it feels like and the human instinct to be loved be someone. It’s also about looking up to a ‘being’ to ask what love is about and how to use it. In the end of the song the ‘being’ or ‘Messiah’ is someone who you want to fall in love with. This is because they have taught you everything you need to know and do to be in love. I really love the message behind this song. I know it’s pretty complex to decipher but it’s worth listening to properly.

The next song that I love from this album is Out of The Blue. One of the main reasons why this song is so good is because its chorus is music. Yes there is a lyrical chorus but I feel the main one is the electronic keyboard tune that comes after the lyrical one. It starts and ends the song and keeps it together throughout the middle parts of the song as well. It’s this tune and the drums that add a kick to this song. It is the spice of this song. Not too much but not too little. Just enough to leave you wanting to keep it on repeat all day. This songs deep and hidden message is about sadness. It’s how sometimes people feel like they are drowning in all of the pressures of everyday life. Everything from work to family can be stressful. In this song it talks about drowning in the sea and the person you least expect coming to save you. This happens to everyone at some point and it can be caused by the most simplest of things. So what I would say is that it’s okay for someone else to ‘take the wheel’ for a bit. Just make sure everything is under control.

Overall this album is literally a roller coaster of emotions; with love at one end and sadness at the other. It’s full of brilliant lyrics and amazing instruments. This band always has one trade mark in almost every song of theirs; and that is synth. I have recently really got into this type of music because it is so refreshing to listen to. It sort of clears out your mind and helps you think straighter. Well that’s my opinion. Prides is really good at being in the synthpop musical genre but I also think that they do deserve a place in the alternative one as well. This is because the things they sing about and the rhythms they can create are so out there and different to what this genre has seen in a long time. Overall I think this band is very creative and refreshing to listen to no matter what mood you’re in. Prides are one to watch.

Buy the album here:*/*/The-Way-Back-Up-Signed-Deluxe-CD/4MRT0000000


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