Faded Paper Figures – Remnants EP

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Faded Paper Figures – Remnants EP

Faded Paper Figures - Remnant EPLast week the official twitter account for Faded Paper Figures tweeted out that they have produced some new material. This new material is in the form of an EP called Remnants and there are six tracks on it. Two remixes, two covers and two original songs. I have done a review of this band before on their album Relics and I heard that this material goes together with Relics. I really love the idea of making an EP that links in with the previous album. It shows you that the artist is keeping the same theme/vibe. They are all fantastic and innovative in the way they are presented. They are honestly a brilliant collection of songs and sounds.

The first song that stood out on this album was the first track its self. Dark Energy. I simply love the title of this song. It’s so mysterious yet so intriguing. It’s as if the song was given the name it has because it makes it sound like space talk. As if it was something out of Alien or Tron. This is a really upbeat track with a space age futuristic vibe to it. It sort of makes me want to go watch either of those films. Its robotically sung lyrics and synthesisers, I feel, add to the space age futuristic vibe. The deeper meaning to this song, however, makes it seem more down to earth than spacey. This song is about loud music in dark places and how it can be very disorienting yet so mystic. Its the rush you feel when the lights go down at a concert and all you can hear right before they start to play is your heart beating in your chest in anticipation. Then when they start up and all you can hear is the band playing and people shouting out. It’s honestly the best feeling in the world. This song, for me, sums this feeling up beautifully.

The next track on this album is a cover of the song Hand In Glove by The Smiths. I love this cover of this song because it a modern and again, like Dark Energy which I also love from this EP, it’s very electronic and has a spacey Tron vibe to it. I love the build-up this song has, as well, because it really adds to the whole persona of the song. I also really love the oriental and boss fight feel to this song. It gives it more of an edge than the original and it makes its more original as a cover as well. When it comes down to the lyrics side of this song they are pretty much the same as the original song but just sung in a different way. But what I have realised I absolutely love about this song is the spoken parts of it. How there is a small build up and then the lyrics are spoken by a women. It makes the song seem more mysterious and I really like that about this cover. This whole song is a dreamy mish-mash of indie electronica with spoken lyrics to make it even more overwhelming and powerful.

Now the overall theme/vibe of this EP is similar to its sister, Relics. It’s futuristic, calming, thought provoking and is modern with older ideas and lyrics squashed into it. I completely love all the songs on this album. I struggled to just pick 2 songs to go over because I was going to do 3 but I thought that would be way too much. The other song was Breathing which is a Mideau cover. I really loved the original song and to listen to someone else’s version/take on it was really intriguing. Covers show you how other people view and hear the song. The artist tailors it to their own voice and needs. It just shows you how different most artists are to one another. But I have to say, it was a close call but they are both equally as good as each other. They both come from similar foundations yet the overall finish to the song is completely different. It’s really clever how it all works. That’s why I loved this album so much. It shows lots of takes on different songs not just with the covers but also with the remixes and how they have come together to make one overall album vibe. One other thing I like is the album artwork. The colour scheme on Relics was really vintage and awesome but Remnants has a whole more spacey aspect to it. The colours work really together and match the vibe of the EP perfectly.

Listen to the album here: https://soundcloud.com/faded-paper-figures/sets/remnants-ep


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