Little Daylight – Hello Memory

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Little Daylight – Hello Memory

Little Daylight - Hello MemoryI can only remember vaguely where I heard this band for the first time. I think it was on a recommended playlist. I can’t remember what platform it was on or when about I listened to it but I have listened to this band for at least a year. I really love the alternative pop techno indie vibe they have going on and they make such easy to listen to music. It’s not complex but it’s also not simple. It is what I like to call elegant. It’s that sort of fresh sound that is like having a rainbow in your ears. The track that I listened to, on this unknown playlist that I found somewhere, was Mona Lisa. I need a new memory, mine is really bad. I wander if this album, Hello Memory, would have a new one to spare? Most likely not. Ah well, everyone has a flaw.

The track I want to go over first is, Mona Lisa. I really love this song. It’s a fun, head bopping song that has a catchy tune and rhythm to it. It’s a combination of pop, alternative and a tiny bit of electronica. Personally, I prefer to use genres as guidelines. I feel they help you get just a rough idea of what the band’s music is going to be like. I tend not to use them as definitive boxes that a band has to go into. Mona Lisa is about people being addicted to going for people they can’t have. Like an art enthusiast wanting to have the Mona Lisa for themselves. I really like what this song is about and the metaphor behind it. It’s like the person is being teased with by this ‘Mona Lisa’ person just for fun. Then the song goes into a sort of ‘I told you so, and now I have to go help you’ type part. It’s the only way I can describe it. The whole tempo of the song changes to fit the mood of the lyrics. It’s as if the person who needs saving has changed his/her tune. It is really crafty imagery and music.

The next track on this album that stands out for me is Overdose. This is also a song that I like to bop my head to like the youth of today tend to do. This song reminds me of a The Wombats song called Your Body Is A Weapon. They both have a similar beat to one another. Little Daylight does have a lot musically similar to some of The Wombats’ songs, only a few. It sounds very fresh and light to listen to and this is because of the synthesizer type keyboard. I think that everyone should listen to this type of music once in a while as it’s different yet still meaningful. This song is about being addicted to someone you love. As if they are a drug that you can overdose on yet still enjoy. This song puts a positive spin on this feeling, which I really love. You can love someone as much as you want and every now and then ‘overdosing’ on said person is good for you and your feelings. Consider people’s feelings and don’t do it too often kids!

Overall this album is both relaxing and refreshing to listen to. It’s different to anything else I have listen to and for a debut LP I can tell this album and band are going to go far. They have a great alternative pop and chilled vibe/theme going on which is great for listening to when you need a boost or just need to chill out for an hour. The lyrics in all of these songs on this album are really relatable and real feeling. They have a sort of power to make you look at your emotions and how you react to certain things, like love and friendship. Which in some ways is helpful and in others it isn’t. I’m not saying that this album makes you go sit in a corner and revaluate your life like Macklemore does. What I am trying to get across is that each song is written and sung with thought and passion. This type of singing makes an album and a band sound better and be and feel more real. For a debut album it’s fun, chilled and beautiful to listen to and I am really looking forward to any new material Little Daylight have to offer. I also really love the band’s name, it’s so unique and it’s really catchy.

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