Box Of Light – Gone Forever EP

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Box Of Light – Gone Forever EP

Box Of Light - Gone Forever EPThis is a band I found via the lead singer Helen Anderson’s YouTube channel. Now I love watching Helen’s videos, she is so funny and makes great content so when she said that her band had just released its new EP I thought that I should take a look. So I went onto their channel and played a few of their songs. I had heard some of Box Of Lights songs in Helen’s look books, which are great go look at them, and I did really like them as they have a very chilled and relaxing vibe to them. I honestly need more music like this band because it is so calming and it’s fun to listen too as well. They have a Beach Boys and summery vibe to them. The sort that you would hear on a vintage music video, which has all sorts of crazy camera angles and glitches on it, because it’s old. Sorry, vintage.

The song that stood out for me first on this album when I listened to it for the first time would have to be You Try. This song is a really simple and sweet song about someone trying to fall in love with you but making it seem more confusing than it actually is. Being confused about love is not a good thing but this song seems to make it such a simple matter, that is just seems stupid to give it another thought. I also think that this song has no bad vibes about it, like other love songs out there in musical land. It just seems to tell one simple tale and do it in such a 60’s beach vibe way. The whole tone to this song is very chilled and laid back which is really awesome to listen to for those long drives where a bit of pre-holiday music is needed. The guitar, drums, bass and keyboard all seem to merge together to make a calm and surf feel to the song. It sort of makes you want to go to a beach and just have a good time with the people you love. Everything about this song works well. From the lyrics, to the instruments and the vibes. It’s just like dreamy music that could send you off into a beach dream within seconds.

The other song on this album which I love is Gone Forever which is the last track on this EP. I honestly couldn’t have picked a better song to end this gorgeous EP. This song, I can’t think of another way to describe it, is very floaty and free. It is such a care free song about gathering up all the bad vibes and just letting them overcome you so you can get on with your life and do want your heart desires. What I love about this song is the part where Helen sings about being in the sea and being free within it. It has such a literal meaning that, if you just lay back in the sea, you will be gone forever and I really love that. How that our emotions do need to be seen to no matter what they are. Also this song has an amazing way of starting out with hardly any power behind it, to ending up with the full works and having all of the power of each instrument going into it. As if each instrument has realised that the song if about not holding back and going for your goals. The ending of this song is really unique as well as all the instruments play over the top of one another in an organised mess, which is very rock and roll.

This whole album has a beachy, surf 60s vibe to it which is amazing to listen to. Not enough bands do songs or albums like this and I feel this needs to be corrected. We have had the era of mainstream pop music for the past 15 years, so I think it’s time bands like Box Of Light shake up the music industry a bit and show them what music has to offer. It is honestly needed. I believe that everyone should have an album like this or this one in their music collection as it’s such a good vibe/genre to listen to; its music that everyone would want to listen to. What I also love about this album is that it is available to buy in 2 formats. And no, it’s not CD and vinyl. Its CD and cassette tape. This is such an awesome way to sell music and I honestly do hope they make a comeback as big as vinyl because I would love to have a cassette player just so I could play this tape. This album is such a classic album to listen to. It’s got love, loss and the beach. Honestly, what else would you need in your life?

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