My Goodness – Pyre

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My Goodness – Pyre

My Goodness - PyreNow I got this album on, yet again, Nosietrade. I was looking for bands that are like Royal Blood and Arctic Monkeys. So I surfed few a through bands and albums before I came across this band My Goodness. I love the name of the band. It’s the sort of thing you say in front of your parents or Nan when you know swearing is not allowed. Its creativity in a simple way. On Nosietrade this band where recommended for lovers of The Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys, Queens of the Stone Age, Foo Fighters and Royal Blood. I completely agree with this although I would add onto this fabulous list The Kooks because some of the guitars parts of the songs sound similar and the way the lyrics are sung.

This first track on this EP that stuck out for me was the first track, Young Turks. I absolutely love the beginning of this song because it sounds like a song that All-American Rejects would do. But then it kicks into a Circa Waves type of guitar and the entire coin has flipped and the style goes over to Royal Blood. That is just the, literal, first 30 seconds of this track. Now that is pretty cool. Then when the song gets to the first chorus the guitar has a mind of its own and has a mini solo; which is absolutely perfect. You would think that it wouldn’t work with the mixture of styles I have just talked about but oh how it does. It just brings the whole song together like a piece of ribbon wrapped round a present. It’s really cleverly done. The songs themes where really difficult to pick out even with the lyrics. So I have tried my best. The themes that I think are in this song is being free to do what you want and not worrying about time or other draw backs. I think this is a great theme/message for a song as it makes you feel better about yourself and what you are doing. Even though this song was originally sung by the almighty Rod Stewart I believe that this version is ever so slightly better as it suits the times more and the way it h different types of music in it makes it a very good track.

The second track on this album I love is the second track, Cold Feet Killer. In this song you can defiantly hear the Royal Blood vibe coming through in full swing. Although saying that the first 7-8ish seconds of this sounded like a Box Of Light song but then the guitars and drums kicked in fully. I love these types of song where they say a lyric, or in this case the song title, and the guitar comes in straight after in fully swing. It sort of keeps you on edge as it not predictable as to when they are going to do this. Which is amazing. What’s also amazing about this song is the title of it, Cold Feet Killer. It’s such a classy and original title. It also tells you that this song is about people who just get on and do it with no hesitation. Which can be both good and bad. It’s all about taking risks to do the things you love and want to do with your life. It’s also about people who change so much over time that they become ghost like and unrecognisable. This is a relatable topic, especially for people my age, as you start to see who wants to stay your friend and who slowly disappears. It’s a sad reality.

Even though this is their debut EP I feel as if I have listened to them most of my life. As they cover such a variety of themes and they do it using a variation of musical choices. As some songs sound techno at some points, like Young Turks whose chorus sounds like The Wombats; and Bottle is an acoustic song. It shows what variety this band are willing to show and play to their listeners. It’s really diverse and beautiful to listen to. The whole EP is amazing and I honestly can’t wait to hear their new album and the things that they are planning for the future. It will be interesting to see what the whole album by these guys is going to sound like. I think it would be the ones on these EP and some more Royal Blood style songs, as they are brilliant at doing that sort of thing. I haven’t listened to their new album Shivers + Shakes yet because I haven’t been able to get hold of it in the UK as it is rather expensive. It’s rather annoying listening to up and coming new bands and not being able to buy their albums because of the prices. But I completely understand the pricings as shipping to the UK is expensive. This alternative rock band are ones to look out for in the future as I believe there is a space for them in the ever cramping mainstream musical charts. I can just see it now. Don’t worry guys it reserved.

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