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Sun Culture – Sun Culture

Sun Culture - Sun CultureI found this album and artist on Noisetrade a few weeks back. I wanted to find a band that was like The 1975 so I typed that into the search bar and it came up with bands like The 1975. I clicked on a few to find one that I really liked. Then I clicked on Sun Culture and I listened to the first song and looked at the section that tells you who the band sounds like. In this section where bands that I really like, these where: The 1975, Vampire Weekend, American Authors, Little Comets and Two Door Cinema Club. I was sold and downloaded the whole album. I completely agree with Noisetrade’s artist likenesses because this band is defiantly like the suggested artists.

The first song on this album that stood out for me was Hold Out which is track 4. I would say this song is more like the band American Authors than the other suggested artists because it has a similar guitar parts too some of their songs. This song, for me, is about trying to hold onto someone who wants to walk a different path from you. It talks about how everyone has their own wars to fight and problems to solve; but how this doesn’t mean that you have to part with the person. As in some cases it wouldn’t be the same without them. I love the guitar in this song because it’s both powerful and meaningfully played. It just feels like there is an alternative meaning too it and how it’s played. It is the main instrument in this song which I really love as it makes it more original as a song. The drums in this song also help tell the story of the emotions going on within the lyrics of the songs and the meaning behind them. I especially love the middle part of this song because it slows down and all you can hear is the drums and the lyrics. Then it all kicks back in, in a Munford and Sons type of way. Also towards the end of the song the lyrics are almost spoken and the guitar is played softly in the background it give it a more real feeling. This song is very well put together.

The next track that I really love off of this album is track 5, New Kings. I love the piano techno, electronic sound in this song. It sounds a bit like MGMT and Two Door Cinema Club. This song is about learning from what others have failed to do and doing it better to create a better generation and society. But there is also the fact that you have to continue on the rules from the previous figure head. I also feel that there is another message about the fact that you should make the most of freedom as some people don’t have it. It’s all really deep stuff. Now the instruments in this song are rather techno and electric based especially at the start and at the end of the song where it fades in and out. I really love this as it makes the song seem to do its own thing and work itself out. This is such a happy and influential song. That makes you want to go do something life changing and meaningful to both yourself and the people around you. So I would say listen to this song and go do something amazing.

Overall this album is really thought provoking in a techno and modern way. It’s full of catchy songs and I think would go well with most people’s music tastes. As it has that sort of vibe that you can listen to no matter what mood you’re in. It’s a happy album but has a hidden message within it that I can’t seem to put my finger on. It’s as if i know what it is but don’t as the same time. Its rather frustrating. Sun Culture is a band I can see going very far. They have the right tone in their music for modern day chart music; cheery but clever. They also have the alternative genre sussed out, as they have right balance of intense guitar, drum and crafty lyrics that make you ponder at life. Its some good stuff.

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