Wild Nothing – Nocturne

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Wild Nothing – Nocturne

Wild Nothing - NocturneI found this band and album by accident. I was listening to albums on YouTube and wanted to listen to a different album so I thought I clicked on the one I wanted to listen to, but instead I had clicked on this album. I thought that I might as well give it a listen. I would say this band have a very chilled and relaxed vibe to them which is perfect for the revision I was doing. So I continued to do my revision for a mock exam I had and I ended up getting quite a good grade from all the revision I did. I have a feeling that it was partly to do with the fact that I had listened to such good music throughout the revision I did. It has a very calming feel to the lyrics and the instruments used. This is seen more in some songs than others, I would say, but the theme of the album is still audible in each song. As this is the only album I have listened to by Wild Nothing I can only go on what wondrous music I have heard. I am going to listen to Gemini, which is their debut album, at some point, don’t panic.

The first track on this album that stood out for me has to be the last track. Rheya. One reason why I love this song is that, I know this may sound odd, it has a sort of oriental feel to it that is very clear at the start and then fades into the song. I have a feeling it’s because it is a very echo like sound/instrument and I really love that in songs. This type of sound adds to the already chilled feeling of the lyrics and brings the whole song together in my opinion. This song is about Rheya, she is a mischievous person who is tormenting people who are having a bad turn in their lives. I see her as a curse, almost. Something you don’t want to remember or see again but keeps coming back for more. I really love that about this song. How it has a relaxed feel to it, yet if you look into the lyrics there is a, far from relaxed, conflicted going on. It just goes to show that if you look deep enough into a song there is always a deeper meaning to every word written or sung.

Only Heather. It’s such a simple yet powerful song about falling for Heather. The lyrics for this song show how a new relationship starts out. With everyone telling you, you have been put under a spell. Or that you need to talk about something else other than this person. We have all done it or will do it at some stage of our lives. Don’t say you won’t or haven’t because you have or will. This song is also, like Rheya, a chilled song to listen to and relaxes you almost instantly. It has a simple and catchy beat to it with a guitar and drums combination. The song doesn’t have a fade in, it just gets straight into it to form a solid base in which it build up the song and story of Heather. By the end of this song I feel I know several people like Heather around me. People who have managed to worm there way into other people’s lives, very quietly. This song makes you realise the amount of types of people there are in a group. Overall this song is eye opening. It makes you understand what it means to be human in a modern day friendship group.

Overall this album is a lesson; if you delve deep enough like I love to do. It shows you want type of people there are in the world. It makes you realise how many of these people live around you in a chilled and relaxed way. This album has such a laid back approach to everything and is the sort of album that everyone could love. It’s mainly because of the ways the songs all have the same vibe and theme to them. With each song having an abrupt start or ending with hardly any fade in or outs. I love this because it makes a song sound more raw and straight off the production line of song making. The simple beats in each song make them flow into each other without you realising it has happened. I would say that this is a good album to revise with and travel with. As it doesn’t have that many lyrics in it and Nocturne is a splendid name for an album.

Buy the album here: http://www.wildnothingmusic.com/


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