Nothing But Thieves – Graveyard Whistling EP

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Nothing But Thieves – Graveyard Whistling EP

Nothing But Thieves - Graveyard Whistling EPThis is a band I found while looking at the recommended to watch next column on YouTube. They need a shorter name for that column. I thought this band name sounds really good I’ll give them a listen. This happens all the time. I can’t actually remember what the song was that I listened too first. But what I do remember is just falling in love with it. All 4 of these songs on this album are so good. They are chilled yet powerful. I also really wanted to review this EP sometime soon before there new album comes out in October, so what better time to do it other than now.

The first song that I really love on this album is Emergency which is track 2. This song is really deep and meaningful. It is about someone giving up parts of themselves to people as they go through their life. They are talking about it from different peoples points of views and almost, at some points, describing it as a surgery. They talk about how some parts have ‘gone missing’ and this happens to pretty much everybody at some point. Whether it be because of a partner taking the life from you when they leave you or a family member passing away and taking a part of you that only they could truly bring out in you. The title of this song, Emergency, fits well with the theme of loss and pain as that is what an emergency is. It happens unexpectedly and most of the time does not end well. I love the whole vibe to this song as well. The guitar throughout the song is sort of like a soft melody you could just listen to day in and day out and not get bored of it. It’s rather soothing, if anything. This continues throughout the song as a base line to set the mood. Then about ¼ of the way through the song the drums start up which works so well to create a relaxed yet meaningful and deep sound. This sound has to be my favourite part of the EP because it has two faces.

Itch. This is the title of the next song on this EP I really love. It is track 3 and this song reminds me of some Royal Blood songs. It’s because of the heavy guitar, which is amazing no doubt about it. This song, for me, is about having lost what it means to be human and trying to find it again. It’s a very powerful song and the way it’s written perfectly describes what it is to be human. About ¾ of the way through the song, the powerful guitar gets its own solo which is absolutely amazing. It makes you feel more alive listening to it. At the end of the guitar solo the whole song seems to come together for one final push by going into a whisper tone. This part is my favourite part of the song because it’s sort of the peak of greatness. It’s how everything merges for one last push to create an all-out mystical ending to a meaningful song. I also love how at the end of this song the last line is ‘Wanna feel something’. It’s just how simple the sentence is and yet how powerful it is at the same time. It sort of generates a conversation with yourself on what the definition of humanity is and how it makes you feel.

Over all, this album is really good to listen whatever mood you’re in. It’s relaxing yet thought provoking at the same time which is wonderful as music is not meant to wash over you without affecting you in any way. It’s meant to make you feel a certain way. It’s meant to make you see the world from a different perspective. It’s there to make you think about what everything is about. This EP is about, for me, life and how it all works in a system to work together. So you cant have loss without gain, for example. Each song tells a story about each part of the process of life and I absolutely love that about this EP. Also I feel that each song compliments the other in some way. As they all seem to have the same theme of gain and loss. But they also seem to have similar rhythms and musically patterns to them which almost adds to the greatness of it. This EP is so good and I honestly can’t wait for Nothing But Thieves’ new album which has some of the songs from this EP on it. Its tremendous!

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