Bombay Bicycle Club – So Long, See You Tomorrow

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Bombay Bicycle Club – So Long, See You Tomorrow

Bombay Bicycle Club - So Long, See You TomorrowI first listened to this band when I was around the age of 12-13 years old, while I was in geography. My teacher at the time was really into this band and would constantly listen to Always Like This, on repeat. I didn’t really know about the band or even know the name of the song until it came on the radio when I was around the age of 14. I had finally found out the name of the band, Bombay Bicycle Club. So I downloaded the song my teacher constantly played and that was that. This was until they released their current new album last year. It wasn’t a big must for me to have this album until my friend picked out one of their songs from it during class. That was that I had to have it. So before I go into what my two favourite songs are from this album, I would just like to thank my geography teacher for unknowingly introducing me to a great band and getting me into better music than I was listening to back then. Back then it was cool to listen to The Wanted all the time okay?

The track that my friend played to me was Luna. I instantly feel in love with its simplicity and catchy tune. It has a very chilled vibe to it and it’s almost invigorating in a way as well. It has that sort of go out with your friends and have a good time ambience. I love the beginning part of this song as it has a sort of Bollywood feel to it which makes this song unique in the sense that most of today’s music doesn’t have a cultural influence to it. This influence is carried on throughout this song and I really like that it wasn’t put at the beginning and left there. The drums in this song are also very noticeable at the start when everything seems quieter than towards the end. They are slowly introduced into the song like a child into water. It takes a while but is marvellous towards the end. At about ¼ of the way into the song it appears to pause then pick up again. I quite like this because it almost as a good type of tension to the song. Then the song builds up from it Bollywood base again up until the peak of the chorus. I love the ooo’s in the chorus because it adds to the magical atmosphere the song creates as it goes on. I honestly wish I could sing this part of the song well. But, like some of us on this planet, I can’t sing very well. Then at about ¾ of the way through the song it starts to build back up again, this time both Lucy Rose and Jack Steadman are singing. When it is built back up the song continues almost on a wave of music, the rise and then the final push of song to get the most out of the energy there. I love the guitar at the end of this song. It’s almost as if it is a ribbon tieing the whole song together.

I honestly struggled to pick out only two songs to review because the whole album is amazing but the other song I really love is the album title. So Long, See You Tomorrow. This song couldn’t be more right in the sense that it finishes the whole album off wonderfully. It is a gentle yet abrupt and meaningful ending to a magnificent album. It starts off with simple notes that start off slowly and the build up to a faster pace. Sort of using the end of Come To as a base and speeding it up. Then another sound comes in which sounds like a trumpet but not. I don’t quite know what it could be, but it sounds great. Then the lyrics start after the short build up. It’s a great transition. The lyrics flow into the already simple tune they had at the start. The song then slows down into almost slow motion and then pick up again dramatically. This song, for me sums up the whole album wonderfully. Slow, simple, fast and pacey. Yet behind all of it there is a deep meaning behind each song. With this one I would say, for me, it means, when someone goes around and always come back to you. The pace of the song, clearly show that. The way it starts out slow and builds up like a relationship does, and then stops as if it ended with no explanation. Then the fast paced part is trying to get back with this person and the end when it just simply says ‘I love you’ and the pace slows back to the original pace. This shows that they are back to how they were, where they were both happy and content with each other.

Overall this album for me is one of the classics in the Indie Rock genre. It is so cleverly put together. I absolutely love the way that each song flows into one another. This almost forces you to listen to the whole album at once and not shuffle it or play just one song. The songs end when the album ends. It makes you listen to what the artist or band has to say. This whole album makes me feel inspired to go do something amazing. Like you go buy those wacky shoes and wear them with style. Or plan that road trip. It makes you feel like you could do anything you wanted. It’s the sort of album that would help you through any situation. Whether it be a confidence booster or to make you realise that if you wanted to you could literally do anything.

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