Altadore – Wandering Ghost

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Altadore – Wandering Ghost

Altadore – Wandering GhostI have honestly only listened to this band for about a week. I found them via using a website called Noisetrade. This is a website where up and coming bands can upload their material and fans can download it for free or you can leave a tip. I think this is a wonderful scheme. This means that the band has more platforms to share their music and fans don’t have to pay if they don’t want to for it. I have a feeling that I will be using this platform more often. As it enables me to find great music and promote it, in a way. This album was recommended for fans of Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, The Vaccines, Kings of Leon and Bombay Bicycle Club. I completely agree with this but I would also add Peace and Catfish and the Bottlemen to this equation as well. As this band is literally a mix of all of their sounds. It is incredible that one band can be like that. What a wonderful musical age we live in, eh?

The first track that caught my attention is literally the first track. So before I downloaded the album I only sampled the first track because I feel that it would spoil the whole album if I had sampled all the songs. I only ever sample the singles each band releases because it ruins the effect of being pleasantly surprised about hearing a new sound from that artist or band. So that’s why this song is first to be grilled. The name of this song is Bar Lights and it’s a Catfish and Peace type of song. It has a guitar based start to it that quickly builds into the full base of the song with drum. Then it slowly fades back to the start. All this happens within the first 8 milliseconds. It’s glorious. And that is only the first 8 milliseconds! This song is about adventures late at night in bars and clubs with a good friend or lover. It’s such a simple song to understand and listen to. It’s so easy to listen to over and over again. It’s refreshing to hear music about a good night out without all this rapping or techno dubstep stuff.

The next track I really like from this album is track numero cuatro. Or for those of you who don’t speak Spanish track 4. This song is called Losing You and has a very Artic Monkeys sense to it. Especially the start of it. With the strum of a guitar every now and then, and then the slow singing. Almost like a lullaby. It’s very relaxing to listen to. Then you get to the main show part of the song that is slowly built up from the start of the song. About half way into the song it fades into an almost guitar solo with a sort of Royal Blood vibe to it. Which I absolutely love! This is what the whole song has been building up too and it does in no way shape or form disappoint you. It’s astounding. The whole song is about, in my opinion, is about trying to forget someone whom you still desperately love. It’s a really sweet song when you pay attention to the lyrics properly. It’s all about losing someone who you tried to keep but lost yourself in the process.

My overall opinion of this album is that it is really really amazing to listen to whatever mood you’re in. These types of albums and EP’s are really difficult to find. Unless I am rubbish at finding albums to listen to, in any mood. Every song has its own story to tell and I love that. It is such a roller-coaster of an album because each song seems to have its own theme/vibe to it. Some songs remind me of Artic Monkeys and others remind me of Bombay Bicycle Club, and that is pretty cool. Such variety in 5 songs; it’s almost crazy. It’s so relaxing to listen to and it’s also quite summery in a way. It is so easy to listen to this album and let it wash over you no matter what you’re doing with your day.

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