McBusted Live 2015

Hello Stranger,

This week I am going to be reviewing McBusted Live!

IMG_4960On Sunday 12th July I went to one of my favourite places to go to, Westonbirt Arboretum. To see McBusted perform their set from their ‘Most Excellent Adventure Tour’ which was incredible. But first, the venue. The venue was basically, to put it bluntly, a field with a stage at the back of it. There were a variety of food stands on the right as you went in, porta-loos on the left and also the merchandise tent. I got some chicken vegetable black bean sauce noddles and everyone else in my group got burgers, hot dogs and chips. They were all really good and in my opinion, not that pricey for concert food. I have had more expensive to say the least. Anyway the merchandise stand had practically no queue when we got in so we went to that first. I got a wristband which is black with flame detailing on it with the logo and little symbols on it. I think it looks really cool as I love these types of wristbands, especially when they are all stacked up. When I got it the lady who served me said ‘once it’s on it’s on so don’t tie it too tight’ thank you for the advice!

IMG_4962After food and merch purchasing we all went and found ourselves a patch to sit on the ground. We were lucky as it hadn’t rained there so the ground was alright to sit on. As it was an outside venue it was best to bring a blanket or chairs as most people did but we all wanted to be in the main part of the audience, in the standing part. So it was alright to sit on the ground while we waited for the evening to start. When the warm up act Hometown came on we went and got teas and hot chocolates, they were really good. Hometown mainly did covers of recent chart songs so I only knew a few of them but in my opinion they didn’t really get the crowd going and there performance seemed to be almost under rehearsed. There singing was alright but over all this band was not to my liking. It’s a free country! After they had finished there set, the sound people all came on and changed around the stage for the main event. This took 10ish minutes to get everything ready for McBusted. I didn’t mind waiting for that long as I was stood up in the main crowd near the stage as seen in the photo. We managed to get a really good spot and the build up pretty intense. Everyone stood that I could see had an almost nervous look on their faces. It was quite entertaining to watch. As you will probably see on the videos and photos I took there where 4 people in front of me with 3 blow-up guitars and a red hand. These make a regular appearance in some of the footage and some photos I took. I did try to avoid them but it honestly got to the point where I wanted to pop them. Harsh I know but I at some points couldn’t seem much at all! They were cool but not to wave around kids.

IMG_4968Once the almighty McBusted came on everything kicked off swimmingly. They did a quick entrance and didn’t talk to the crowd until after the 3rd song had been played which was awesome. They started out by playing some epic boss battle type music then they all came on one by one and did leap frog into their areas/microphone places. It looked so cool to do. Then straight after that they put on their guitars and went straight into Air Guitar. It was possibly the best transition. It was so good. Air Guitar, Thunderbirds, 5 Colours In Her Hair, One For The Radio and Get Over It where my favourite songs from the whole set list. But to be honest the whole set list was very good. It was an excellent selection of both Busted, McFly and Mcbusted songs, superb variety. Every song they played was amazing and perfect but there were some that got the crowd going more than others. During one of the breaks the band had between songs a lady had gone to use the porta-loos and the band stood there and took the mick of her while she was in there. They were saying things like ‘Is it a wee or is it a poo!’ it was so funny to watch them joke around on stage.

IMG_4983When they only had 3 songs left they went off stage and appeared to have finished playing. Everyone in the crowd started talking and saying things like ‘Is it over then?’ or ‘Is that it?’ ‘I thought they would play more’ ‘Oh’ and in the end the whole crowd started to chant ‘We want more!’ over and over until they came back on. The song they started the next part was 5 Colours In Her Hair. Which, I personally, would have liked to have been the end song instead of Year 3000 because everyone knew 5 Colours better than Year 3000. Once they had finished singing Year 3000 they threw out picks and Harry threw his drum sticks. Then all of a sudden they started throwing clothes and hats out into the audience. So Harry ended up topless on the stage in the end and Matt became hatless. Poor Matt!

IMG_4995Overall the whole concert was amazing and very well done. Even though Tom had lost part of his voice so did at some stages have to stop singing or get the crowd to help out. Which, we didn’t mind. I knew most of the songs! So I did a lot of the helping out, I would say. The arena area was a really lovely environment to be in. it was really well managed and there were hardly any points on the way out where we were stuck in a queue. Everyone was at some point but they had a good system to get the cars out quickly and efficiently which was great. Honestly if you ever get a chance to go to Westonbirt Arboretum in general I would defiantly recommend it. I would also recommend going to a Forestry Live event like McBusted was as this was the 3rd one I had been too and it is such a great venue.


All images photographed by Charlie Hall


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