Circa Waves – Young Chasers

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Young Chasers by Circa Waves

Circa Waves - Young ChasersI found this album whilst looking in an old Q magazine. I was doing my monthly magazine clear out and I like to flick through them before I recycle them. Just in case I missed something or wanted to cut out a photo to go onto my lack of bedroom wall space. It looks awesome but there is now hardly any room. Anyway, I thought I would give it a listen since the album artwork looked pretty cool and the song titled sounded cute (yes this is how I decide to listen to an album or not). So I found T-Shirt Weather on YouTube and played it away. I have to say this is a very summery tune and this whole album, in fact, is summery. That’s what I love about this album. I feel it’s the sort of album that sums up summer in one collection of songs. It’s got more highs than lows and it’s such a good album to listen to in the car or while doing exercise. If you do that sort of thing. It’s a happy go lucky album full of summer feeling vibes and beautiful lyrics.

T-Shirt Weather. The title of this song was what caught my eye to listen to the whole album. It’s such a fun title and sums up the song very well. This song is about reminiscing about past summers and what they did back then. The phrase ‘T-Shirt Weather’ refers to summer and the times when it was nice to go outside and enjoy the weather. In the UK that’s not very often. So it’s nice to listen to a song which understands the weather in the summer. I also think that saying T-Shirt Weather rather than summer sometimes can shake up and change around a conversation a bit. So I absolutely love this phrase. It’s beautifully used within the song and works so well. The lyrics of this song are very catchy as well. Which tells me that this is the perfect song to play really loud and sing along to; but then again most of the songs on this album are like that. This song starts out with a, I want to say, slow guitar and it gradually goes from slow and quiet to loudish and fast. To be honest with you, you have to listen to the song in order to understand what I mean. There is no other way of putting it.

My second favourite song on this album has to be Good For Me. To start with there is a brilliant start to this song that builds and builds and then it gets to all the strumming and then the symbols. It’s such a beautifully flowy start to the song. How it all merges together is amazing and the way the rhythm builds up towards the lyrics starting is wonderful. It’s really affective and clever. I also love how in the middle of the song the same thing happens again. But this time with lyrics as well which adds, if anything, to the effectiveness of the chorus. I love how it almost links everything together because even at the end of the song the chorus ends and then there is a few more guitar strums. Then BLAM it ends. All abruptly. Overall this song is quite fast paced and get up and go type song. The song, I feel is about, loving yourself and others around you and accepting what you have and who you are both outside and in.

My overall opinion of this album is that it basically, as I said, is summer in an album. I absolutely love it. It makes you dream of past summers you have had with family and friends. It makes you feel happy and instantly more summery. Let me tell you. This is Circa Waves debut album. So trust on thios one that they will go really far. Really really far. They are a band with a Bombay Bicycle Club vibe, lyrically wise. Then there sound is more like a pinch of Lana Del Ray with a touch of Catfish and the Bottlemen. Both of these people have amazing debut albums as well. This band sings about their lives so far and what it’s like to have bad jobs and have your heart broken. It’s a very down to earth album for someone in their teens or early adult hood. It’s scarily good to listen to.

Buy the album here:*/*/Circa-Waves-Young-Chasers-CD/3MK40000000


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