Mounties – Thrash Rock Legacy

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Mounties – Thrash Rock Legacy

Mounties - Thrash Rock LegacyI honestly can’t remember where I found this album or band, listened to it for the first or if someone suggested it to me. So this is a complete fabulous mystery! I love this band and album they are absolute geniuses when producing happy and catchy songs. This album is full of those. It also has a lot of guitar based songs and techno/electronica in them as well, which I absolutely love. This album is generally a mix of London Gramma lyrics and Kasabian background music. It’s an excellent album to listen to whilst driving or traveling long distances.

My favourite track on this album is the one that I listened too first. Tokyo Summer. I love the vibe it has and the oriental feel too it. It’s such a cheery yet sad song at the same time. I know this sounds quite funny but it is my go to feel good summery song. This is a song that could put you in a good mood no matter what the situation or weather. All you have to do when listening to this song is put massive overhead headphones on and close your eyes and let the music wash over you like a wave. Mounties have managed to get the balance right between elegance and indie as far as I am concurred. It’s so beautifully pieced together. This song is both about love and dreams and these seem to be less common subject for modern day music. These days it’s more to do with sex and partying until your hearts content. Whatever happened to mainstream music being like this song? That I will never understand. I haven’t found a song with this sort of oriental feel to it in a while. I had almost forgotten how beautiful these types of songs can be. They really make you feel like you can literally do anything. I could, if I wanted to, go outside completely naked if I wanted too. The world is in my wonderful hands and I could do anything with it. Beautifully written and easy to learn.

Now the next song I have picked out from this album is very relatable for me and maybe some of you strangers. It is Headphones. This song is really cleverly written and has a catchy tune too it. It is such a cheery yet strangely real song, especially if you read through the lyrics. This song is about how modern antisocialness is something we are all guilty of doing. Whether it’s because of headphones, like the song, or reading a book. I am guilty of both. Yeah I hate being sat in silence on public transport, even when I am around others. This song I also feel is about connecting to the music more than some of us currently do. We have all put the radio on or your iPod on to create background noise to make a situation less awkward and quiet. Don’t tell me you haven’t because supermarkets and most shops do the same thing. This song is trying to get people to connect with the song, and other songs, more and pay attention to the lyrics and the different beats and instruments you can hear by just listening. It is incredible what you can hear when you listen to some chart music lyrics. Some of them don’t even make sense! I don’t know how they get away with it. But this song on the other hand very much makes sense. This cleverly put song has fabulous lyrics and easy to listen to instruments that don’t sound like Mickey Mouse having an epileptic fit. I definitely want people to pay attention to songs more and the message they are trying to get across.

To summarise my opinion of this album, I think it is truly wonderful. It’s so clever and beautifully written. I feel this band needs to be listened too by so many people. So they can understand what meaningful music is and how it makes you look at things from a different angle. It is such a relaxing album to listen too but yet it’s full of meaning and it’s also quite fun yet sad as well. Thrash Rock Legacy is a marvellous debut album to listen to. I would say that it is like a sun bathing album. Just kick back, relax and let the sounds of a Tokyo Summer wash you over.

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