Top Five Albums – June 2015

Hello Stranger,

This week I am going to be talking about my top 5 albums of June.

These albums will be a combination of new and old albums.The 1975 - EP's

5) EP’s – The 1975

Okay this isn’t the best way to start the whole monthly album top 5 list because this collection is technically 4 albums. But who cares! When The 1975 changed their colour scheme from black and white to pink. I was one of those people who flipped out. I honestly thought that was that, they were packing up shop. I know I wasn’t the only one who thought this as the entirety of Twitter had a melt down for a week. That was slightly crazy. But any way. I thought that there has to be more to The 1975 then just one self-titled album so I had a look on Wikipedia and lone behold they had made 4 EP’s prior to the album. They are Facedown, Sex, IV and Music For Cars. I have to say I love all of the songs on them. They are what The 1975 stand for, in my mind. They use each instrument as if it was a person trying to get themselves heard. In principle this shouldn’t work but it does. That’s the wonder of them all. Also each EP has its own story to tell and vide to it; I really like that. My favourite song out of all of these fabulous songs is: Antichrist. This is from the Facedown EP and I think very well put together. Everything flows into one another. It’s a combination of instruments and techno inspired vibes that wouldn’t work in theory. But they make it work so well. This is a fabulous song and is what I would think is the song that shows what The 1975 about.

Abby Road - The Beatles

4) Abby Road – The Beatles

This album is one of my vinyl’s but I was given it by my Nan as she didn’t play it anymore. I love this album epically on vinyl because of the raw sound it has. I feel it almost seems wrong to listen to this album on my phone so I don’t actually own it digitally. This could change though because it is more practical and portable to use your phone for music in public. The best way to describe this album is like a book. Each song is a chapter in this book and you can’t get the true meaning of this book until you have listened to each chapter. Each song on the album represents an idea or feeling. Just like a chapter does in a book. My favourite song on this album has to be: I Want You. It’s all ‘Jazz, mmm nice’. If you don’t get that reference go watch The Fast Show! Back to the song. It shows both sides of The Beatles. They can be jazzy and all guitar and then all the way to piano riffs and the whole mood of the song changes. It’s wonderful. This whole album, I feel, is what most modern music is based upon. Without this album and The Beatles themselves where would music be now? Just ponder on that for a second.

Faded Paper Figures - Relics

3) Relics – Faded Paper Figures

I have literally only listened to this band for a week but it’s just one of those bands that you know will do well with the right love and support. I love this album because it goes from one end of music to the other in one album. It’s quite incredible as this is very hard to do. I have done a complete review on this album already but I will still go over the things I love! The whole meaningful lyrics and electronica mix is amazing. It works so well and it’s so unique to find a band that can mix the meaningful with the modern. My favourite song on this album, even though it took me forever to pick one song, is: Lost Stars. I love the slow start and the build-up. I feel I could listen to just that bit all day. It’s really calming and easy to listen to on repeat. Then the rest of the song just goes with it so well it all fits together like a puzzle. I also love the guitar a quarter of the way through. Its like adding your favourite sauce to chips. This song is about doing your favourite things with the people you love and want to be with. I love it.

Changesonebowie - David Bowie

2) Changesonebowie – David Bowie

Now this album is one that I literally spent months trying to find on the vinyl. I eventually found it whilst in Frome and there were two of them. It was really awesome. This is one of my favourite Bowie albums. It’s very good to listen to and never gets boring either. But come on its David Bowie so it will never be really boring to be honest. The track listing on this album is full of classic Bowie songs and I love all of them so picking just one song to say is my favourite is really difficult but hey, I’ll give it a go! My favourite song is the one and only: Rebel Rebel and John, I’m Only Dancing. I am sorry but I honestly struggled to pick just two songs to start with. John, I’m Only Dancing is a song that I practically know all the words too. Then again I can say that about most Bowie songs! It is such a good song it just makes everything seem groovier and happier. I honestly struggle not to dance to this song when it comes on while I am in public. It’s uplifting and just plan fabulous. Rebel Rebel is also a song that I struggle not to sing along to and dance to for that matter. I love the beginning of this song! Partly because I know all the lyrics and partly because it’s amazing. This song is the one that got me started with Bowie as it was his whole style and originality that caught me as well. I love his songs and his fashion sense. He is an inspiration to the whole world. He taught people to think and style outside of the norm.

Songs From The Big Chair - Tears For Fears

1) Songs From the Big Chair – Tears For Fears

This is the album that I have been listening to practically all month. I completely forgot about it until I found it in my mother’s vinyl collection. Oh and how I did miss this album. Trust me when I say this that it sounds ten times better on vinyl. I honestly forgot how divine Tears For Fears were until I listened to them again. This is why it’s at the top of this top five. I am terribly sorry Bowie. On this album is some of their most well-known songs and best written songs to date. From Shout to Everybody Wants To Rule The World, which was not sung by Lorde first. It was a cover, like most modern music is. My favourite song on this oh mighty album is: Mothers Talk. I just love it to the point where I only put that song on for entire day. Let me tell you it’s an amazing so to strut to. Don’t tell me you haven’t strutted down the street to some sweet tunes! It’s such a catchy song and so easy to learn the lyrics too and dance to as well. I love the drum beat and the guitar parts. It blends together like milkshake ingredients. This has to be my most played song of this month.

Buy the albums here:

The 1975 – All EP’s:

The Beatles – Abby Road:

Faded Paper Figures – Relics:

David Bowie – Changesonebowie:

Tears For Fears – Songs From The Big Chair:


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