Faded Paper Figures – Relics

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Relics by Faded Paper Figures

Faded Paper Figures - Relics

I will start by explaining how I come across this band. It’s quite a tale; as this band, discovered me first. They decided to follow me on the Twitter early on in the year so I thought I would see what they were about. This band is an electronic indie pop band which I have found to be hard to come by in this day in age. Enlighten me if I am wrong though. I love the sound and feel they are going for and it just seems like a cross between The Wombats and MGMT with a twist of Best Coast in the lyrics. That is a good combination and I would happily drink that cocktail!

This album is an electronic festival in your ears all at once. It has a magical and unique tale to tell. The first song that stands out for me is literally the first song, Breathing. It has a fun techno electric song to it. It’s almost Tron like. I feel this song is really energetic and happy. Then it gets the main shabang in the chorus of the song. It slows down and everything seems simpler. Just like the lyrics say ‘where’re breathing as one’. I love this line as it sort of symbolises a community created by music. I feel it represents a concert as at a concert you are all there for the same reason and you all know you share something in common. It represents a movement. That’s why I love this song, its electronic power and influential power it holds. This band represents a movement of forward thinking.

The other song that sticks out in this album is Forked Paths which is track 12 on the album and the big finisher. This song has a London Grammar type feel to it throughout it. Its haunting and elegance at the same time. I feel this is what makes the base of the song sound so good. The piano throughout is really relaxing and makes you want to let go and just listen to what it’s about. It makes you want to close your eyes and focus on different parts of the song. It’s incredibly brilliant but to get the full effect you have to listen to the whole album! This song is at the other end of the electronic indie genre compared to the first song on this album. This one has a base of piano which I love. There, I feel, needs to the more piano indie music. Any suggestions would be fabulous. In summery this song is about having to separate from the things you love. Whether that would be friends or even a community, it’s quite moving.

Overall this album goes literally from one end of the spectrum to the other in terms of electronica. It has a beautifully rounded and whole sound. It’s modern but reflects older ideas from both a music and style point of view. Faded Paper Figures have created a circle of music for themselves and are now testing the boundaries of this circle by only using what they know and the need to move the listeners into a state of musical awe. This is a band I feel could go really really far up into the musical mountain. As they are technically ¾ of the way there already. Also the name of this band I feel is the coolest name I have come across in a while. Faded Paper Figures. It’s so unique and clever. It also sounds great in a conversation if someone asks you what you’re listening to. None of this ‘One Direction’ nonsense!

Buy The Album Here: http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/FadedPaperFigures


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