Top 4 Places I Would Love to Visit

Hello Stranger,

This week I am going to be going over my top 4 places in this world I would love to visit.



I have no idea when I thought I would love to visit here but I think it was because of the James Bond movie, Moonraker that I used to watch as a child. I basically grew up on James Bond, Planet of the Apes and Back To The Future. Anyway, I also think I was inspired by the book Inferno by Dan Brown which is a thriller crime novel which is based in Italy. Fabulous book by the way. I have just fallen in love with the culture and the way everything is done in this beautiful and picturesque country. I have always wanted to visit Venice to see the canals, the amazing architecture and go in all the art museums because I am big sucker for museums. I would love to visit the Piazza San Marco, the Doge’s Palace and glass museums because I love glass work because of the way different people view it. I have also always wanted to try Italian pizza and ice cream because I just think it would be an amazing thing to do. And I love pizza! Come on who doesn’t?



The main reason why I want to visit Japan is because I have just done a project on it and I have just fallen in love with the place. I love the culture, the history and I also love the amazing place it is naturally. If I went there I would defiantly go on the bullet train because new technology like the train really excites me. I would also love to see a Buddhist temple as I find the architecture of these buildings fascinating and as most of the ones I would want to visit are a big walk away from the main sha-bang I would have to walk which I also love doing. I also wouldn’t mind seeing a sumo wrestling match, I don’t know why but I just love the idea of seeing one. I think that the food would be the most interesting part of the whole experience if I went to Japan because I have never tried Japanese Cuisine. I have always wanted to, but I haven’t got round to trying any yet. Some suggestions on what to try would be great!



CANADA!! I would love anyone who would take me to this beautiful and kind place! I am constantly watching TV shows and documentary’s on this wonderful place! I am not sure what it was that started the obsession, but I have always wanted to visit Canada, even as a smaller being. If I went I would love to go snowboarding and watch an ice hockey match. This is because I absolutely love the idea of being able to freely snowboard, even though I have never done it I just feel I would love doing it. I have no idea why. The hockey match idea/suggestion was my friends and I thought if I am there why not? I would also love to go to visit the Canadian Rockies and visit loads of national parks because the parks over there stretch on forever, almost and I love the idea of walking around beautiful scenery all day with friends and family.



Ever since my Dad went to Kathmandu in Nepal and flew past Mount Everest I have always wanted to do the same. I would love to visit all the Buddhist and Hindu temples because of the strong cultural connections they have with the landscape and the country as a whole. I also love the culture and the landscape of the whole country. I just think they are both spectacular! I wouldn’t mind trying the traditional food they have because I have never tried Nepalese food before and I think it would be interesting to do so. I would also go there for the people as I have heard the people are really nice and helpful. If I was able to I would also climb a mountain but unfortunately I don’t think I would be able to because I don’t think my body would agree with me as much as my heart wanted me too.

As much as I would love to visit the places above I am going to go visit the amazing country that is Malaysia in November! I was given the opportunity by my county to do so and it is going to be marvellous! I intend to do a whole thing on traveling and what my experience was going to Malaysia and things that you have to do there etc. I am going for one whole week so my feet won’t touch the ground as there is a lot of things to see and do while we are all there. Two things I am not looking forward to is 1) all the jabs I have to have beforehand 2) the 12-14 hour flight because we are going non-stop. But as the great Austin Powers would say ‘Yeah Baby, Yeah!’



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