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California Nights by Best Coast

California Nights - Best CoastI was shown this band by a friend a few weeks back and I have to say it’s quite a lovely band to listen to. This album makes me feel relaxed and in the mood to be productive and do stuff that I have never got round to doing. Like sorting out clothes, or the massive pile of magazines that sit beside your bed and just collect dust. The songs that my friend said to listen to first where Heaven Sent and Feeling Ok which are the 3rd track and the 1st on this album. These songs are both very get up and go grab the world by its privates and not give two damns on who’s watching… type songs… The song Heaven Sent starts off with a slow guitar strum and then a drum beat heads on into it as well. I love it when bands do this at the start of songs. I don’t know why but I feel it’s the best type of build-up, in my opinion. This song reminds me of the beginning of I Want Out by Young Guns. I know they are two different ends of the spectrum, musically, but they have a similar start. Don’t believe me? Listen to the first 15 seconds of both of them. Anywho, this song, I feel, is about a breakup. I know that it is nothing new, topic wise, but I feel this one is more about attempting to let go rather than hanging onto something that’s not there anymore. This idea is a base line for the entire song, including the amazing 16 bar guitar solo half way through the song. This I feel adds to the rawness of it and how simple it is to tell a story through the medium of song.

The other song that my friend said that I had to tune my ears to was Feeling Ok. This song has a fabulous build up to the first verse as well. It almost prepares you for the chorus as that is very catchy. Trust me if you want a song stuck in your head all day, then this is defiantly the song for you! It’s also the type of song that is able to be played on repeat all day and never get boring. The chorus of this song is truly marvellous. It is a combination of the lead guitar singing and the lead singer, Bethany Cosentino singing almost in a human harmony type of way. Like a two person choir. But with Bobb Bruno singing through his guitar instead of actually singing… This song, over all, I feel is about how love can actually pull you through the hardest of times even when you least expect it to. It’s in times of need that you need love the most. That’s what I feel this song shows me. Also the position of the song on the album is perfect because the whole album is told like a story. This being the beginning of it. Its happy, fun and uplifting. Just like the start of something new.

The whole album I find is very chilled and relaxing. I fell it’s just a go to album for a sad day or for a day which has lacked enthusiasm. It’s just makes life seem 10 times better. It also makes me feel like I want to go on an adventure. Just get up and go do that thing you wanted to do. That sort of vibe. I also think that the layout of the tracks work really well and almost flow into each other to create a merged sound. As long as you’re not like me and shuffle the songs around every time. I like shaking things up. It’s good to shuffle but I would say that listening to it in order first is the best call. The album title ‘California Nights’ basically sums up the vibe of the album. It’s what I feel a California night would be like and what the background music would be if I was doing a road trip or something. It has a retro vibe, which I like. As it almost summarises the modern world from a different view with a different spin on it. Basically this album is the way the world works in 12 tracks.

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