The Record (Magical Disc) Player

Hello Stranger,

This week I am going to be reviewing:

GPO Stand Alone Turntable with Built In Speakers (basically a record player)

Top view of Record Player

Ah the record player. A humble little (or big…) machine that plays giant discs. It is truly remarkable how it works and all that but I don’t know how it does it. Let’s just say the needle does magic stuff and music comes out. Pretty basic stuff. I have been waiting to get a record player for ages. The reason why was because my parents one broke and needed a replacement belt and other smaller items that slowly built up in cost to repair it. So it was never fixed, and still isn’t. This is where the idea of getting a new one flew in. I had no idea where to start so I held the idea off for a whole year. But, when my mum mentioned all of the records I have and what I was going to do with them, I said, “I’m gunna buy a record player…”

Turntable part of Record Player

The reason why I bought this one in particular was because it was the cheapest. Don’t get me wrong I did look at other ones, but the more expensive they got the worst the reviews were. So I stuck to my guns and bought, here’s the official name: GPO Stylo 3 Speed Stand Alone Turntable with Built In Speakers. I picked the colour red for it because the black colour would show up more dust. And my room is very dusty. And also it is my favourite colour, and white looked too showy for me.

Front View of Record PlayerWhen it arrived it came in a rather large box, but when I opened it, it was buried in layers of protective wrapping. The size of the actual unit is what it says on the tin. I did think it was going to be a bigger but I love the size that it is because I can transport it around a lot more easily. The player runs off of mains electricity which is really good because I hate using batteries. They always run out, even the new one. The cable is shorter than I thought it would be. I mean it still works but in some cases the cable is not long enough to reach the socket. This is fine and I will live through it but can be annoying. The record player has a pause and player lever, which I though was pretty cool. You just flick the lever to the back of the unit and the needle moves up and away from the record. The record however keeps spinning so it’s not best to pause it for long. But it’s still great if you want to go to the toilet or make a cup of tea. There are many types after all!

Speaker on Record Player

The actually quality of the music through its ‘stand-alone speakers’ is pretty good. It does sound a bit weird when it’s quiet. But who listens to music quietly? I have been, however using my own speakers that are able to be plugged into it.  This I feel enhances the quality of the sound. The placing of this output is, however, at the front… I found this very strange as on most devices the AUX output is at the back. I have no idea why but while I was looking for it, at the back is the record player you can plug in your phone to play music though its speakers. I feel, personally, that I will not use this as why buy a record player to play your phones music?

It plays at speeds of 33, 45 and 78. This I feel is quite handy as my old, and now permanently broken, record player only had 33 and 45. This variety allows me to buy any record and know that it will play how it should. No matter what speed. Also, another feature to this is that it has an auto stop feature. This means that once the record has finished it will stop the turn table and the stylus will stay where it is. This is quite handy as if it’s off, the record will keep spinning and spinning and spinning until you manually put the stylus back. One little thing that I was disappointed in is the LED blue light feature for the volume. I was expecting it to light up as I moved the dial round. This is not the case. It just stays on full volume all the time. I know that it wouldn’t’ matter if it did or didn’t move around but I was a bit sad that it didn’t.

Record player with Lid down

The overall look of the record player is, pretty good. The colour of it is a nice shade and not too bright. The plastic lid is functional but I feel lets the whole retro style down a bit. Partly because older record players didn’t tend to have the misted over plastic lid. They tend to be tainted but clear. That, the lights and where the AUX output is are the only thing I would change about it. It’s cheap and cheerful and plays both new and old records well without jumping. Over all opinion after all of this is that it’s pretty fab. Suits me alright.

GPO Stand Alone Turntable with Built In Speakers:

I have always collected vinyl. Partly because of the wide range of music there is to get from them and partly because they have a really good feel good factor about them. I have no idea what it is but holding a record makes everything seem better. So if you’re interested I will happily go through my record collection with you. Leave a comment or tweet me if you want me to. It’s very interesting… Trust me.


All images photographed by Charlie Hall


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